There are tons of November honeymoon destinations around the world, whether you’re looking for a winter wonderland or an escape from winters cold. Here are eight of the best honeymoon destinations that reach their peak in November - and you might as well consider our October honeymoon hotspots as well, just in case.

Where To Go On A Honeymoon In November

1. Spain

It’s hard to beat Spain as the top honeymoon destination at any time of year. But visit in November, and you’ll avoid the tourist rush and might even save a few bucks. It’s easy to see why Spain is so popular among newlyweds. It’s a country that embodies passion, flair and intimacy. Enjoy luxury on top of luxury in a private honeymoon suite, or tuck yourself away in a quiet villa by the sea. The terrain is magnificent, the cities are spellbinding and the coast is simply stunning.

2. Singapore

Singapore is a highly popular honeymoon destination because of the city’s many options. It offers the best of a cosmopolitan metropolis as well as that of a pristine paradise. Singapore is famous for its superb shopping, arts and cuisine. The island’s natural beauty is exquisite as well. Singapore’s high tourist season kicks off in late November and December, so beat the rush by planning your visit for earlier in the month.

3. Bora Bora

November is one of the best times to visit Bora Bora (and so is April). The number of tourists drops by late October, and you might find a shoulder season discount or two. The temperatures are within a comfortable mid-70s to 80s range. This is the best time of year for scuba diving and snorkeling, when the heavy rains of the wet season don’t disturb the clear water.

4. Mexico

For a leisurely November honeymoon, Mexico is the perfect option. A number of all-inclusive resorts offer gourmet meals, plush rooms and swanky spas. The country is a top choice for destination weddings, especially among couples from the US and Canada. You can take a honeymoon cruise to Mexico, or hole away in one of their adult-only resorts. Mexico’s natural environment creates the perfect setting for a laidback honeymoon trip.

5. South Africa

South Africa is a great honeymoon destination if you appreciate both adventure and luxury. By day, choose from a bunch of different safaris or adventure tours. Romance-specific expeditions are popular among honeymoon goers. Consider chimpanzee trekking through the wilderness, or snorkeling off the coast of the African continent. At night, relax in an upscale lodge that provides a whole lot of pampering and luxury services. South Africa in November is great for avoiding peak crowds and scoring shoulder season travel deals.

6. Canada

November is the month when sports enthusiasts start gearing up for the winter season. If you’re into winter sports or simply enjoy the crisp winter weather, book your November honeymoon trip to Canada. The weather varies across the country, so you can enjoy mild cold in the lowlands or snow in the western provinces. Imagine days of skiing, snowboarding or sledding, followed by evenings cuddling with your newlywed by the fireplace. Don’t forget all the hot cocoa breaks you’ll get to take.

7. United States

Some ski resorts in the United States just can’t wait for the start of winter season. From Mammoth Mountain on the west coast to Sunday River in Maine, a handful of winter destinations open their doors in November. For a lesser known ski destination, check out Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Some accommodations provide all-inclusive packages for ski/sleigh ride/polar express adventures. Others offer exclusive access to private terrain. Don’t forget the full-service spas and honeymoon packages available in certain resorts!

8. Brazil

November is an especially good time to honeymoon in Brazil if you’re into nature excursions. It’s the prime time of year to catch wildlife preening in their natural habitat. Venture into the jungle to learn more about rainforest flora and fauna. Take a canoe trip into the backwaters to catch a glimpse of pink river dolphins, monkeys and birds. See what life is like living in the rainforest by vising an indigenous community. Brazil’s also great if you appreciate glamorous beaches, lively nightlife and dynamic resorts. Enjoy your stay in one of Brazil’s world-class honeymoon lodges, and get exclusive perks that will make your trip a honeymoon to remember.

This article was written by Hanna Choi.