Having a bonfire on a beach is one of the most magical things you can do when visiting the West Coast. However, they are not allowed everywhere for reasons concerning safety of fellow beachgoers as well as air pollution. These eight beaches allow bonfires and are a beautiful place to set up for the evening. It adds a special memory to a road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway, or as a stand-alone adventure.

Enjoy A Bonfire On These 8 Beautiful West Coast Beaches

1. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Jeremy Boguiren/Flickr

There are 200 fire pits at the popular Huntington Beach. First come, first serve means that you’ll have to plan out your time — get to the beach early to grab one! You can also buy firewood right on the beach for convenience. This Orange County beach is right in Surf City, so enjoy the water before starting a bonfire in the evening!

Huntington City Beach

2. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Megan Rosenbloom/Flickr

With incredible scenery, this beach is more than just sea and sand. With cliffs, caves, and hiking trails, set up a campsite at the end of your adventurous day. You can light bonfires at your campsite to add some spark to your day-trip. Secluded and scenic, it doesn’t get much better than Leo Carillo Beach in Malibu.

Huntington City Beach

3. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Kat Sniffen/Flickr

In LA, with 75 fire pits along the sandy stretch of Dockweiler Beach, come early to grab the perfect spot to watch the sunset and set up a bonfire. With volleyball and swimming during the day, Dockweiler comes alive at night also with the glowing fires and chattering groups.

Huntington City Beach

4. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Daniel Poullot/Flickr

A traditional spot for surfers, Cabrillo beach is fun and family friendly. With fire rings to set up your bonfire, there are also picnic areas where you can enjoy the shade. Bonfires at Cabrillo Beach make for the perfect end to a memorable day. Roast marshmallows right on this LA beach!

Huntington City Beach

5. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Ryan Jones/Flickr

This stretch of sand, which was once called Tin Can Beach in Orange County, is popular for fishing with its array of species. After a long day of trying your luck fishing, visitors set up bonfires at fire pits as the sun sets. As long as the bonfire is out by 10pm, you’re set.

Huntington City Beach

6. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Lydia Boote

At Dana Point, Doehny Beach is rocky and perfect for a day out of sun, sand, and surfing. Reserve a fire pit in advance to make sure you get one, and set up your bonfire. This beach is known for its glowing sunsets that go perfectly with the embers of a bonfire.

Huntington City Beach

7. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Andrew Ranta/Flickr

With a pier heading into the water, Grover Beach actually allows you to drive your car up to your bonfire spot. Drive up and set up camp all day until it’s bonfire time. With visitors horseback riding, skating at the adjacent skate park, or enjoying the water — Grover won’t disappoint.

Huntington City Beach

8. Huntington City Beach

Photo: Kevin Schraer

In San Diego, Glorietta Bay Beach is a more secluded spot off of Coronado Island, overlooking the bay itself. With views of the San Diego-Coronado Bridge in the background, the atmosphere is picturesque. The beach is sheltered from strong winds, making it the perfect place to set up a bonfire.

Huntington City Beach

This article was written by Clara Hudson.