Hit the jackpot with your leading ladies at one of the numerous casino getaways around the world that’ll have you rolling dice, spinning roulette wheels, playing on slot machines, and having the gaming experience of a lifetime—all within the most stunning of locations that offer travelers not just velvety soft tables and endless nights of magical play, but some superb non-gaming-related options to enjoy as well.

That being said, get ready to crunch those numbers, place those bets, and have a grand old time with the besties at these prolific gambling cities across the globe. You might just get lucky during your last hurrah and strike it rich before that big day! Here are the eight best bachelorette party destinations for the bride that loves casinos.

Best Bachelorette Party Casino Destinations

1. Atlantic City, New Jersey

It’s Vegas-by-the-Sea for every ultimate deal seeker—a lively getaway spot for you and the girls to mix big-name casinos with vibrant boardwalks, fine dining, and bright city lights. This Jersey shore favorite really is an East Coast gem, not to mention a fantastic place to go for some good old gaming. The entire town was built around the gambling industry, which is probably the reason why tourists flock towards this northeastern U.S. destination all year round for one single thing: the casinos. So play to your hearts desire in a gambling fan favorite and test your luck out with your luckiest ladies at your side.

2. Salzburg, Austria

With baroque-inspired buildings and a close proximity to the Alps, this Austrian city definitely makes a superb spot for casino enthusiasts who also happen to adore old European scenery. The elegant facade and interiors of the Casino Salzburg will make you feel like you’re playing among the likes of Clooney and Pitt-- with a juxtaposition of baroque art and modern gambling that gives the casino a unique and special flair.

Plus, there’s an international array of games to choose from, including five American roulette tables, five Black Jack tables, a couple Easy Hold'em poker tables, seven poker tables, a tropical stud poker table, more than twenty easy roulette wheels, and just under two hundred slot machines. Experience high-tension stakes with an extra feeling of excitement and elegance. There’s also a whole bunch of culinary delights to savor over at Klessheim Castle. It’s Casino Royale indeed.

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Speaking of James Bond, here’s another classic casino destination: Monte Carlo. Thanks to the ever-so-popular 007 movies, Monaco has become the prime example of luxurious and stylish gaming at its best. The rich, the famous, and the powerful all meet and play at this tax-free principality surrounded by France and the Maritime Alps. The gorgeous Mediterranean Sea further provides a sublime setting for other popular events the area is known to host, including the Formula One Grand Prix, the Rolex Masters, a variety of world-class operas or ballets, as well as that postcard-worthy Larvotto Beach sunset. What’s more is that the wealth and history of the region derive directly from the establishment of its world-renowned casinos back in the nineteenth century (as well as its laid railway system).

It’s safe to say that the gaming culture in Monte Carlo is second to none-- so come super prepared with your girls because this certainly is not the place for chump change. Why not play a few hands while downing some endless drinks before the big day, or feel for an entire weekend as grand as the infamous British spy himself? Gamble your little heart away at this glamorous pleasure palace.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada & Reno, Nevada

It may have once been a sleepy and barren town in the early nineties but since then, LV has built itself up to become America’s top gaming destination. The Strip is the home and the heart of big name casinos such as the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Wynn Resort, Mandalay Bay, and The Venetian, just to name a few. Plus, most of these wild adventure-lands are complemented with a plethora of theme parks, museums, and shopping centers to splurge at after cashing in on those winnings. With neon lights, nonstop action, endless entertainment, and divine cuisine, it’s hard not to love and let live in Sin City. Viva Las Vegas indeed!

And if you and the gals are willing to take a long road trip up the state of Nevada, there’s another vibrant gaming locale that also offers nightlife, table games, and winning slots galore. Deemed “The Biggest Little Town in the World,” Reno is home to over a dozen casinos, and was the original heart of gambling in the U.S. before being taken over by Vegas’ shadow in the twentieth century. What’s more is that its so much closer to California than the former which means that Cali residents can drive on over to throw down every single night at the craps table if they wish.

5. Singapore

This Asian city-state may just be a newcomer in world of gaming tourism, but it has, even in its infant stage (gambling was only legalized on the island nation a scant few years ago!), making a name for itself as a topnotch destination for jet-setting casino players. There are mega-entertainment complexes such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa, which combine casinos along with shopping malls, water resorts, oceanariums, as well as a Universal Studios theme park. Also on site is ‘SkyPark,’ a three-acre piece of land containing nightclubs, gardens, swimming pools, and other leisure activities for you and your girls to pleasure in.

Plus, Singapore’s close proximity to China is an added bonus, offering travelers with the attractive option to spend a weekend away at another luxurious destination—not to mention one of the most unique and technologically advanced cities on Planet Earth.

6. Shreveport, Louisiana

If you and the ladies are looking for a new kind of gaming experience with an old fashioned feel, or if you’re just plain tired of placing your bets on boring dry land, head out to this cultural and gaming center on the Louisiana and Texas border. Step aboard those infamous riverboat casinos, which provide modern travelers with as much thrill and excitement as glamour and mystery of the past. After winning over at the tables, make sure to take a trip over to the neon-lit Texas Street Bridge or to catch some horse-racing at Louisiana Downs in nearby Bossier City. You and your Besties can even unwind at one of the various botanical oases in town, all while savoring some fine waterfront dining, shopping, and live entertainment. This sizzling city along the Red River is definitely a place to check out.

7. London, England

By itself, the city already boasts Big Ben, the Buckingham Palace, as well as hoards of department stores and designer boutiques that’ll dizzy up you and your girls for sure. For all the gamers out there, this royal hotspot also has a bunch of high-end gaming centers and some of the world’s most luxurious casinos, including The Ritz, The Clermont Club, and the Crockfords Club. This affluent world hotspot is definitely a place to travel to if you’re hoping to play with sass and style.

8. Macau, China

With long stretches of mega casinos and entertainment complexes, it’s Asia’s top casino destination and has been deemed as ‘The Monte Carlo of the Orient.’ What’s more is that in recent years, this Chinese city has diversified its menu to tourists, offering everything from tours of Portuguese-era buildings to jumping off the one-thousand-plus-feet-tall Macau Tower. Plus it also happens to be one of the two special administrative regions in China that does not fall under the legal framework of the Mainland, meaning that Macau has a unique monetary system, immigration policy, and official government that’s distinctly its own. It’s also got all of these autonomous powers until the year 2049!

Needless to say, the region is incredibly wealthy and offers an extremely high quality of life that continues to attract well-to-do travelers from all across the world. It’s even been said that more money flows through Macau’s casinos than anywhere else, which is probably why North American-based gaming companies such as MGM, Las Vegas Sands, and Wynn Resorts have all entered in on the peninsula’s gaming market. For unprecedented levels of gambling, excess, and tons of fun, make sure to jet on over with the girls today.

This article was written by Pamela Chan.