Often encompassed by gorgeous wilderness and seclusion, cabins are marvelous places to take a much needed break from everyday life. Especially during the winter, cabins serve as fantastic getaways because the weather and scenery vary drastically depending on the location. For example, a winter cabin rental in Santa Cruz, California will boast chilly weather, but a low chance of inclement weather, so visitors can still enjoy recreational activities outdoors. However, in a place like Gatlinburg, Tennessee, cabins may have a snowy backdrop during the colder months. That said, here are several reasons why staying in a cabin during the winter is wonderful.

Compelling Reasons To Stay In A Cabin This Winter

1. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

Although the urban jungle is charming in its own way, it’s frequently associated with headache-inducing traffic jams, aloof pedestrians, and media overload via advertisements and the like. At a cabin, however, you can recharge and be free from the aforementioned energy-draining distractions. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by serenity and nature.

2. See the stars and night sky

At nighttime, when you gaze at the sky, you may be able to notice a few glimmering stars, but the light pollution from the city makes it challenging to fully view the beauty of the cosmos. If a cabin is far away enough from a bright city, or better yet—nestled high atop a mountain—then the awe-inspiring night sky should be clearly visible. Mere photographs of space and stars look incredible, but seeing them through your own eyes is beyond compare.

3. Witness stunning views of nature firsthand

Similarly, it is one thing to admire a picture of profound valleys, wide mountain ranges, and lakes lined with snow-covered trees, but it’s an entirely different matter to observe these breathtaking sights up close. Whether you prefer to look out at these natural scenes from the windows of your warm cabin, or you like to personally experience the landscape yourself, it’s difficult to deny that picturesque views of nature aren’t glorious and inspiring.

4. Enjoy the peaceful environment

There’s a popular idea regarding a particular tranquility and calm during the moments of an initial snowfall. It would be a cozy experience to stay in during this event and appreciate the natural ambiance. Likewise, in areas where snow is rare, the wilderness often presents a sense of quiet and stillness that is best enjoyed inside of a comfortable cabin.

5. Venture onto off-beaten paths

While it’s a challenge to embark on hiking adventures in snowy places, regions with mild climates are ideal for such journeys. You’ll never know what spectacular sights you may find. At the end of the day, when you’re worn out from exploring, you can retire at your cabin and bask in the warmth of the fireplace and share stories with your loved ones.

6. Participate in exciting outdoor activities

Winter activities are plentiful when you’re at a cabin. Occasionally, limitations can be helpful; since cabins give you the choice of either bundling up indoors or spending time outside, most people would choose the latter for the daytime and the former at night. In cold, snowy areas, there is ice-fishing, ice skating, building snowmen and angels, sledding, and snowball fights. Where it doesn’t snow, you can revel in almost all of your favorite outdoor games and pastimes.

7. Appreciate the feeling of having few responsibilities

As cell phone and internet reception can be spotty in locations where cabins are located, that means you can divert attention from work and obligations, and focus on your vacation instead. Also, you won’t have to do your typical chores or household errands since you’ll be inside of a beautiful cabin and in the midst of nature away from the bulk of your worries.

This article was written by Justina Tran.