Enjoying a drink of your choice -- beer, wine, or a cocktail -- on a beach is, to many, the idea of heaven. However, not every beach allows you to bring alcohol to your day of sun and sand. These seven East Coast beaches allow alcohol, so you can enjoy everything at once. Be aware, though, that a lot of these beaches don't allow glass containers, so plan ahead when you pack the margaritas. Cheers!

Enjoy Alcohol On These 7 East Coast Beaches

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach is one of the few areas of Florida that isn’t ruled by open-container laws. With great waves, amazing surfing, and even better sun — Cocoa Beach is the perfect spot to have a few drinks to cool down. On Florida’s east coast, this popular beach is definitely worth a trip.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

2. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is a well-frequented spring break spot, and it’s lax alcohol rules make for a great drinking spot all year round. The powder-white sand and crystal blue ocean explain its popularity, while the ability to drink on the beach draws even more crowds. Enjoy the frivolities and wild nature of this area!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

3. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Coast Guard Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cape period, and is also a great spot that allows public drinking. You have to take a shuttle to the beach from the parking lot, as only residents are allowed to park any closer. Enjoy the New England breeze and waves while opening up a cold Sam Adams!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

4. Cocoa Beach, Florida

While one of the only beaches in the state that allows alcohol without a permit, Gunnison just happens to be one of the only (and most popular) nudist beaches around. North and South Beach next to Gunnison are also good places to set up your cooler, if you don’t quite want to be surrounded by hoards of naked beach-goers getting their tan on — although a beer couldn’t hurt in that situation.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

5. Cocoa Beach, Florida

In Treasure Island, relaxed open-container laws are golden, meaning that most areas allow alcohol — just pay attention to the signs. With rowdy spring breakers in some areas, Sunset Beach has (of course) some of the greatest sunsets and powdery white sand around. A great place for a Corona — enjoy the sunsets with a cold beer or a tequila sunrise!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

6. Cocoa Beach, Florida

In Sarasota, this gulf coast beach has absolutely out-of-this world white sand, and shallow waters. A family friendly spot, you don’t have to worry about large party groups taking advantage of the alcohol allowances. Bring your family, and most importantly your drink of choice.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

7. Cocoa Beach, Florida

Perdido Key is known for being one of the best beaches in America for its charm and more natural atmosphere. A diamond in the rough, Perdido Key isn’t as crowded as most beaches which can really help you relax and enjoy the sand. Take a swim and cool off with some wine!

Cocoa Beach, Florida

This article was written by Clara Hudson.