Australia is an ideal place to go kiteboarding! People come from all over the world to enjoy the warm water and friendly winds. It's also a great excuse to travel around the country and explore the different cities. Here are some of the very best places to go kiteboarding - check it out!

7 Kiteboarding Destinations In Australia

1. St. Kilda’s

St. Kilda, the busy and bohemian suburb of Melbourne in Victoria is extremely popular for kiteboarding. The beach is central and convenient, making it a top destination. The great, flat water conditions are ideal for learners and advanced kiteboarders alike. Kite Republic in St Kilda’s is the original kiteboarding school of Melbourne — front intro to advanced!

Address: St Kilda, Victoria 3182, Australia

2. Shoalwater Bay

Shoalwater is named after its shallow waters. It’s secluded area with no boats or obstacles lets you follow any wind direction! As the best location near Perth for kiteboarding, Shoalwater Bay is an hour and a half train away from the city. The train is under ten dollars, or driving takes forty minutes. West Oz Kiteboarding school will get you sorted!

Address: Shoalwater, Western Australia 6169, Australia

3. Margaret River

Smooth, flat water in Augusta can be found at Margaret River, with the perfect wind for kiteboarding. There are multiple beach areas to kiteboard there, which helps to thin the crowds! Check out Busselton, Dunsborough, Yallingup, Ellensbrook, Mainsbreak, or Boatramp. Most of these locations are only good for kiteboarding in the summer months. Three hours away from Perth!

Address: Margaret River Western Australia 6285, Australia

4. Old Bar

This flat location in New South Wales is three hours away from Sydney, but only 15 minutes away from Taree. The popular beach area has lagoons, but has some restrictions so as to respect the area and its environment. As one of the top kiteboarding destinations in Australia, Old Bar’s ideal conditions will keep you surfing the waters.

Address: Old Bar, New South Wales 2430, Australia

5. Brighton Beach

In Queensland, Brighton Beach is ideal for learning to kite board. Shallow waters and an expansive beach make Brighton Beach comfortable and safe. The nearest city is Brisbane about 12 miles away, and the nearest town is Sandgate.

Address: Brighton, Queensland 4017, Australia

6. Port Douglas

4-mile beach at Port Douglas is one of the best kiteboarding spots in Queensland. Safe, but with lots of space and with great wind, May to November is the best time to go. Port Douglas is by the incredible Great Barrier Reef, and is an hour away from Cairns. One of the top destinations for exhilarating kiteboarding!

Address: Port Douglas, Queensland 4877, Australia

7. Agnes Water

With year-round sun and the perfect kiteboarding breeze, Agnes Water in Queensland is the closest point to the southern Great Barrier Reef. The pristine beaches in beautiful Queensland are idyllic for kiteboarding. Kite Surf 1770 will prepare you for the ride — get your adrenaline on. An hour and a half south of Gladstone, find year-round sunshine in this glorious environment!

Address: Agnes Water, Queensland 4677, Australia

This article was written by Clara Hudson.