October is the perfect time of year for a destination honeymoon and has a different kind of vibe than a honeymoon in August or September. You and your beloved can escape the high heat of summer, and get your trip in before the chill sets in. Here are seven of the best destinations for an October honeymoon.

Plan The Honeymoon Of A Lifetime This October!

1. Maldives

October is a popular time to travel to the Maldives. The wet seasons lasts from July to August, and starts up again from November to March. October is one of the few months out of the year that visitors can enjoy the brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures at their fullest. That doesn’t mean the Maldives will be overrun with tourists. The country is unique in that each resort rests on its own private island. You’ll have over 70 tourist resorts to choose from, but you’ll hardly see a peep of guests from a different hotel once you settle in. It’ll be you, your partner and the immaculate island expanse before you.

2. Seychelles Islands

October is the ideal time to visit the Seychelles Islands if you appreciate warmth and wind-free weather. You’ll find great conditions for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It’s the start of fishing season, so you’ll find tons to see underwater. October is also the time of year you can catch the migration of birds, for all you bird watchers out there. The island holds a lot of festivals and events this time of year as well. The SUBIOS Underwater Festival is held in October each year, as is the Festival Kreol, a weeklong celebration of Creole heritage.

3. Australia

Dry season in Australia lasts from June through October. It’s spring during this time of year, which makes for lovely weather that’s not too hot or too cold. As much as there is to do in Australia, remember just how vast the land mass is. Instead of planning an itinerary that is overly ambitious, choose a few key places within a comfortable distance. You don’t want travel time to eat up your precious honeymoon days!

4. Egypt

No matter what you’re looking for in a honeymoon, Egypt is bound to meet those needs. An intimate cruise aboard a luxury ship? Nile Cruises has gorgeous boats that travel between Aswan and Luxor. Culture and history at your fingertips? Egypt’s tombs, temples and excavation sites will bring ancient civilizations back to life. A healthy dose of adventure? Take a safari tour into the desert or spend an evening camping under the stars. Would you prefer some R&R? Egypt has some of the finest resorts, secluded boutique hideaways and five-star luxury accommodations in the world. October is a good time of year to visit Egypt because it’s not as hot as the summer months, and the sea temperatures are almost at their warmest.

5. Morocco

Morocco is an exceptional honeymoon destination any time of year, with 300+ days of sunshine. As a plus, it’s not too far from western Europe or eastern United States. Visit in October, and you’ll find slightly cooler temperatures than the mid-summer peak from July to August. You’ll still have long days of sunshine and cooler evenings in October. The exotic country is full of romanticism and diversity. The boutique resorts along the Atlantic coast will give you great access to gorgeous beaches and crystalline waters. The local villages and landmarks will add fascination and a bit of mystery to your trip. You’ll also fine exquisite cuisine in Morocco, whether you’re into fine dining or sampling local fare.

6. Santorini

October marks the end of tourist season in Santorini, an island in the souther Aegean Sea. Arrive too late, and some hotels and restaurants may have already closed their doors until spring. Arrive in early October, and you’ll find great weather and very little crowds. The temperatures will still be in the 70s and 80s, but most of the tourists will have departed by then. You’ll get to see Santorini’s natural wonders and historical sites without the hassle and stress of battling the throng of visitors you’d encounter from June through August.

7. Italy

Take an October honeymoon to Italy for romantic evenings, terrific food and great wine. Not to mention all the art and culture you’ll come across. There’s a whole lot of variety in Italy, from the popular honeymoon destinations along the Almafi coast to the southeastern seaside of Catania or Syracuse. Head for the shore for moonlit walks on the beach and quiet evenings with your beloved. If you prefer sightseeing and people watching, head into the cities like Venice, Florence or Rome.

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This article was written by Hanna Choi.