Better than any hot tub, there are plenty of benefits to soaking in a natural hot spring. Chemical-free thermal springs can relax sore muscles, boost circulation, and, of course, soothe your mind and spirit. Check out our therapeutic list of the best natural-flowing hot springs in the U.S., from tranquil mountain pools to all-inclusive resorts.

Relax In These 7 Amazing Natural Hot Springs In The U.S.

1. Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

This secluded Oregon retreat is the paragon of serenity. Breitenbush offers day use of their clothing-optional natural stone pools, as well as overnight retreats. Stay in a rustic cabin, enjoy catered vegetarian or vegan fare, and ultralight hike through the surrounding wilderness on one of their many nature trails, featuring peaceful forests and mountain vistas.

Detroit, Oregon

2. Lava Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

This family-friendly spot is a water-lover’s wonderland. In addition to the luxurious 20,000-gallon pool fed from geothermal mountain springs, Detroit, Oregon also boasts a water park complete with an Olympic swimming pool, kiddie pool, diving platforms and insanely fast water slides. Whatever your speed, Lava Hot Springs has something for the whole family.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

3. Glenwood Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

Claiming the title of world’s largest hot springs pool, Glenwood Hot Springs sits snug against a stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop. Soak in the steaming waters during a snowy winter evening or visit in the summer for the water slides and kiddie pool. The generous soaking pool even includes lanes for lap swimmers.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

4. Allegheny Springs at the Omni Homestead Resort, Detroit, Oregon

This sprawling, historic resort is older than the United States, dating back to 1766. In addition to the history, it’s also home to some of the best hot springs in the state. Natural springs from the Allegheny Mountains feed the Jefferson Pools, named for Thomas Jefferson, who visited the pools in 1818, and the Serenity Garden. Although it can be a peaceful oasis for grown-ups, Allegheny Springs is also home to a kid-friendly water park with a beach, whirlpool, slides, and luxurious private cabanas, complete with HDTVs and a personal attendant.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

5. Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa and Lodgings, Detroit, Oregon

Famous for its European style and stunning rustic setting in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Wiesbaden offers a serene Alpine escape. Boasting especially therapeutic waters, Wiesbaden’s facilities include an outdoor pool with a mountain view, a private soaking tub, and the Vaporcave hidden beneath mountain rock.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

6. Hot Springs State Park, Detroit, Oregon

This hot spot offers miles of hiking trails and thermal pools in a unique landscape a few hours from Yellowstone National Park. Like a mini-Yellowstone, witness interesting geological features, like the Rainbow Terraces, a local bison herd, and the meandering Bighorn River. But Hot Springs State Park offers something Yellowstone does not: a free bath house with indoor and outdoor soaking pools fed from the surrounding mineral hot springs. After you hike the 6.2 miles of available trails and glimpse the river from the Swinging Bridge, soothe your tired muscles in the thermal waters for a unique state park experience.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

7. Riverbend Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

For a peaceful desert respite, head to the New Mexico town with the most interesting name and enjoy the laid-back leisure of Riverbend Hot Springs. The tiled communal geothermal pools and private soaking tubs range in temperature but all sit next to the Rio Grande River and afford soakers a breathtaking view of the dusty red hills of Turtleback Mountain in the distance.

Detroit, OregonDetroit, Oregon

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This article was written by Katie Vaughan.