Corn mazes are a fun way for people of all ages to celebrate fall. Some corn mazes in the United States are particularly large and elaborate, and will take you on an unforgettable adventure. Here are the seven best corn mazes that you should definitely go out of your way to experience!

Seven Corn Mazes You Have To Explore This Fall

1. The Great Vermont Corn Maze, North Danville, VT

As the largest corn maze in New England, The Great Vermont Corn Maze is celebrating 15 years of "cornfusion" this year. Each year is a new design, and this year's corn maze has more than 24 acres of fun. There is a large, challenging maze for adults, and a smaller, less-challenging version which is great for younger children. The large maze takes about two hours to solve, so be sure to dress for a hike! Take your kids to the Pretendin Play area, the World's First Barnyard Golf, and a farm area where you can feed the animals. On the way home, go out of your way to the original Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream if you have time - it's two hours away!

2. Sever’s Corn Maze, North Danville, VT

Sever and Sharon Peterson have been creating works of art with their corn mazes since 1997, featuring a different picture each year. Years past have seen a sinking Titanic, world map, and an Egyptian Sphinx and pyramids, to name a few. Sever’s maze also hosts a pumpkin patch, pumpkin blasters (exactly what it sounds like), pig races, giant potato sack slide, zip lines, and live music (to name a few).

3. Treinen Farm, Lodi, WI

This 15-acre corn maze (the largest in Wisconsin) is located on the 200-acre Treinen family farm, less than 30 miles to the northwest of Madison, Wisconsin. In previous years the trails have ranged from four to six miles, making this maze a longer hike (presuming you don’t use the map they provide). If that challenge piques your interest, it should also be noted that there are secret locations throughout the maze with prizes offered to those who find them. Aside from the normal side activities found with corn mazes (pumpkin patches, hayrides, etc), this maze is unique in offering “Zompocalypse” on October 29, providing lovers of everything un-dead a chance to do whatever it is that zombies do in corn mazes.

4. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, North Danville, VT

Located in the heart of Amish country, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm hosts one of the longest running corn mazes in the US (since 1996) and offers over 50 other attractions, ranging from the educational to the just plain fun. The maze offers over two and a half miles of trails and you can choose a color-coded clue system to make your experience easy or difficult (i.e. spend more or less time amongst corn!).

5. Queens County Farm Museum, North Danville, VT

Like mazes but prefer to navigate them under moonlight? Queens County Farm Museum offers just that (on top of navigation under the sun) on New York’s longest continuously farmed site. This Amazing Maize Maze offers more than just kid’s fare, as you can learn about sustainable agriculture, heritage breeds of livestock, and how the farm is operated by taking the “insider’s tour.”

6. Richardson Adventure Farm, North Danville, VT

Self claimed as one of the largest corn mazes in the world, Richardson Adventure Farm’s (RAF) maze has over 11 miles of trail in 28 acres of corn. This year’s theme is celebrating 50 years of “a-maize-ing” Star Trek, an extra bonus for those Trekkies that love corn mazes. On top of the sizable maze, many other activities are offered, including zorbing rides (you get fastened into a big ball and get pushed down a ramp!) and zip lining, not excluding all the other farm related fun you’ve now come to associate with corn mazes.

7. The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival, Meridian, ID

Just outside of Boise, The Farmstead Corn Maze consists of 18 acres of corn and two separate mazes, one big and one small. The small maze is intended for younger kids intent on taking advantage of the many other activities offered, like corncob beach or “the creature,” a frightening looking beast that you can walk into (not to worry, if things get hairy the “candy cannon” is nearby, presumably keeping the creature minding it’s p’s and q’s).

This article was written by Eric Dressel.