Austin is home to some of the best coffee shops in the U.S. (and Seattle, too, by the way), and you should definitely spend some time checking them out on your next trip.

Wake up in the morning, head to one of these neighborhood coffee joints, and get a feel for the unique vibe of Austin: lively, young, and friendly.

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Explore These 7 Austin Coffee Shops During Your Visit

1. Caffé Medici

Cafe Medici is the ruling coffee shop in Austin, with five branches all over the city. The vibe ranges from the original homey branch, to the fancy downtown and espresso-driven version. With local roasters bringing top notch beans, the coffee quality is always top-notch — even if the individual cafes are different!

Address: 1101 W Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703

2. Fleet Coffee

Fleet Coffee mixes it up with their “Coffee and” menu. The creative drinks put a wild twist on your daily coffee — try the donut-infused or Fruity Pebble-infused milk! Fleet uses the holy grail of Madcap Coffee beans, meaning each cup is a certain satisfaction.

Address: 2427 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 78702

3. Cuvee

Cuvee sends its beans all over Austin as a specialty roaster, and their own shop is the hub of it all. Expect to get off-the-grid at their no-Wi-Fi location, where the computer and coffee combination is frowned upon. Enjoy their first class roasts with conversation and community! Coffee, coldbrew, espresso and beer can be found at the famous Cuvee.

Address: 2000 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

4. The Buzz Mill

Get buzzed with 24-hour caffeine at Buzz Mill on East Riverside. Mixing coffee with the hip lumberjack (flannel-shirt and log-inspired) aesthetic keeps the shop appropriately rugged. Pair your morning coffee with a manly and hearty brunch. With a large patio, and a wide selection of home-made liquors, Buzz Mill has it all. Don’t be fooled by its general store interior!

Address: 1505 Town Creek Dr, Austin, TX 78741

5. Thunderbird

Thunderbird-Coffee-To-Go! The former hipster haven has grown into a trusty coffee shop of the neighborhood, where regulars and students flock for a buzz. You can even update your coffee order for a beer, as many now gather for relaxed drinks at Thunderbird. Visit their Cherrywood and Brentwood locations.

Address: 2200 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722

6. Houndstooth Coffee

Get your espresso on at Houndstooth, where coffee tasting is not for the faint-hearted. With a regular mixing up of the beans, Houndstooth keeps the regulars coming back for more. Advertising “the pattern of coffee and people,” can you blame them? Houndstooth holds the fabric of Austin society together with a classic cup of coffee.

Address: 4200 N Lamar Blvd Ste 120, Austin, TX 78756

7. Flitch Coffee

The little coffee trailer that could, Flitch Coffee is delightfully low key. The location is out-of-sight, out-of-mind, in the courtyard outside Hatch Workshop — but not to be missed! With beans from Amarillo’s Evocation, it’s worth your time to find the cute and quaint Flitch Coffee. Enjoy tasty pastries while you sip your coffee in the retro patio seats.

Address: 641 Tillery, Austin, TX 78702

This article was written by Clara Hudson.