It's nice to have the opportunity to supplement your beach time with your favorite beer, wine, or cocktail of choice. At these six beaches on the West Coast, you are allowed to bring alcohol and enjoy it responsibly without breaking the law. How refreshing!

Enjoy Alcohol At These 6 West Coast Beaches

1. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Jasperdo/Flickr

With its iconic Haystack Rock standing in the water, Cannon Beach is a peaceful place to enjoy a drink. The beach is known for being featured in The Goonies (of all things), but also ensures that the beach drinking is responsible. This serene spot is a gem of Oregon, and it doesn’t hurt that you can enjoy a beverage while staring out at the scenery.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

2. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Fred von Lohmann/Flickr

You can find Kehoe Beach along the Point Reyes National Seashore, with an endless stretch of welcoming sand. Kehoe Beach sets the scene for a lovely day out, and it helps if you’ve got yourself a bottle of wine or beer to relax you even more. Although, large parties aren’t really allowed, with a strict rule against kegs — keep it to just a few drinks, people!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

3. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Nani Leilani/Flickr

The gorgeous greenery, blue sea, and golden sand make Carmel Beach a must-see spot. Popular for boogie boarding and surfing, Carmel Beach makes for a great place to crack open some beers or wine coolers. Bonfires are also allowed, along with letting your dogs roam the sand without a leash (apparently anything goes here). The water can be icy — let’s hope your cooler has the same effect on the drinks.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Kent Kanouse/Flickr

This beach does fun in the sun right, living up to its name as a piece of paradise. Although the beach only allows beer, wine and champagne, any of those drinks can liven up your day in the sun. The beach closes at sunset, but has a cafe right off of the beach for easy access. This magical beach can be pretty crowded, so get there early! It opens to the public at 8am.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

5. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: Nickay3111/Flickr

Although always a little colder than most beaches, the chill can be perfect on otherwise scorching days. Hundreds of whales live right off of the coast, and if you’re lucky you can spot some! Lincoln City beach allows drinking, so set up camp with some drinks while you look out for whales. Set up a blanket and crack open a bottle of wine!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

6. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Photo: kaveman743/Flickr

All year around, except for the obvious exception of Spring Break, you can have some drinks at this Oregon beach. With a surprising number of razor clams, perhaps a drink can give you the courage to try your luck at clamming. Enjoy a beautiful day out on the rustic beach — cheers!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

This article was written by Clara Hudson.