6 Stunning Places To Go For Your Company Retreat

Looking to plan a company retreat to help your colleagues recharge their batteries? Check out these destinations to help everyone on your team experience the perfect combination of relaxation and productivity.

Plan Your Company Retreat In These Amazing Places

1. Miami Beach, Florida

Best for: small companies

Miami Beach is known for its plentiful opportunities for fun in the sun and surf. If your coworkers are in need of a break from a long and cold winter, this is the perfect place to go! Stay at a vacation rental close to the beach like this incredible mansion that sleeps up to 20 people, and let your employees know about the numerous world-renowned spas nearby that offer your colleagues a chance to relax and recharge. Hotels in the area offer corporate retreat packages focused on wellness, including healthy meal options and exercise opportunities. While in Miami Beach, you and your colleagues can combine a day at the beach with team bonding activities.

2. Scottsdale, Arizona

Best for: medium/large companies

Situated near some of Arizona’s most breathtaking mountains, Scottsdale is another great warm-weather destination perfect for company retreats with plenty of outdoor activities. The most well-known resort in the area is The Phoenician, which is well-versed in hosting company retreats. The resort’s in-house travel agency will help you plan team building activities ranging from river rafting to desert scavenger hunts.

3. Philipsburg, Montana

Best for: small/medium companies

Looking to get your colleagues’ creative juices flowing in nature? Montana is the perfect destination for you—peace and quiet combined with beautiful natural scenery make the state a top destination for overworked professionals. Pick your perfect vacation rental, like this fantastic custom log cabin on the shore of Georgetown Lake for easy access to nature. Plan to visit nearby places that have fun group activities, like horseback riding and fishing in the summer and sleigh rides in the winter.

4. Philipsburg, Montana

Best for: large companies


If you’re looking to focus on team building exercises and are located on the East Coast, Hope Lake Lodge is a great option for your company. Remember having fun on ropes course field trips in middle school? The Greek Peak adventure center nearby is your chance to go back to your childhood while also connecting with your colleagues. Additional fun activities include zip lining and bungee jumping.

5. Sedona, Arizona

Best for: small/medium companies

Another destination located in Arizona, Sedona is a top-notch pick for company retreats. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States combined with great weather make Sedona a great choice. Pick a place to stay like the incredible Sedona Sanctuary, with 8 bedrooms and a lot of space outside, including your own pool. Nearby L’Auberge de Sedona has meeting space for groups up to 175 people if you'd like to plan a larger event during the day. The Grand Canyon, only about two hours away by car, would make for an unforgettable day trip.

6. Philipsburg, Montana

Best for: large companies

Gateway, Colorado is a relatively quiet town but is filled with opportunities for your team to have the adventures of a lifetime. At the Gateway Canyons Resort, your colleagues can bond while whitewater rafting or rock climbing on some real rock formations in the area. The resort also has plenty of options for bonding over food with three restaurants located on property.

This article was written by Kaitlyn Lannan.