Whether it’s traveling across oceans to foreign destinations or traveling for the love of clothes and fashion, there’s no reason why you should quit when you’ve retired. In fact, post-retirement is probably the best way for you and your significant other to catch up on some alone time after years of diapers and deadlines. And if you think that you can’t afford to, or don’t want to waste all of your retirement fund on traveling, here’s a quick guide to making enough money for traveling to an exotic destination at least once every year.


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Tips For Saving Money To Travel After Retirement

1. Get a part-time job

Who said retirement meant that you can’t work again? Of course you can - if you want to. You can always fetch yourself a part-time job that suits your interests or one that is not limited by any time requirements. If you have a particular field of expertise, or advice that you'd like to give to others, you can become a consultant with hours as flexible as you want. Alternatively, consider working at some of the places that you enjoy spending time: the golf club, the museum, a library, freelance writing for a publication you read, or even with children by babysitting in your neighborhood. In fact, there are plenty of part-time jobs that pay well and leave you with enough spare time to do the things you love most. You can quickly earn money that you can put into a special fund in order to plan a vacation at least once every six months.

2. Start your own business

With more time on your hands after retirement, why don’t you engage your mind by creating something new? Start your own business, like career consulting, consulting in the industry that you worked in, or something that involves your passions, such as an online clothing boutique for party dresses or a baking service if you like to spend time in the kitchen. The more unique your idea is, the more likely are you to make more money by attracting a unique group of customers.

3. Hold a garage sale

After working, earning, and spending for decades, you probably have a lifetime’s worth of ‘things’ lying around in your house accumulating space and collecting nothing but dust. Your retirement is the best time for you to plan and hold the most lavish garage sale to sell anything and everything you don’t need anymore. Though it’s probably just a one-time thing, you can make a few thousand dollars if you opt for the right tips and tricks to holding a garage sale.

4. Leverage your expertise

And just as retirement doesn’t mean you can’t work, it doesn’t mean that you have to sever ties with your former employers for good. You can, in fact, leverage your expertise for some extra money by consulting or by working part-time on a project when the need arises. You can also write industry articles based on your field of expertise. That way, you'll stay relevant in your industry while enjoying more time in the sun and traveling as much as you'd like.

5. Help out your neighbors

Every neighborhood has hard-working people who would feel so much better if they had a helping hand. Walking the dog, taking care of their kids, looking after their home, or gardening are just a few ways that you can earn side money for your future travels. Just let your neighbors know that you’re available and would take just a small bit of compensation for your time and services. Aside from the personal satisfaction of being there in times of need, you can make money more quickly than you think.

6. Start renting your property

Renting a property that you own is a good way to earn a stable monthly income, so that you can plan regular trips to exotic destinations. If you’ve invested in property that no one is using, you’re better off renting it to personal or corporate tenants. Additionally, you could tap into the tourism industry by renting out an empty room in your house. This is a great way to build connections in other cities and countries, and probably stay with your former guests when you’re visiting their part of the planet.

This article was written by Henry Kingston.