If it’s the last trip you’ll ever take before you officially tie the knot, where in the world would you go? Some might want to get in some “me-time” before they walk down the isle—that last spa treatment could really make a difference! Others may just want some time to think. For some, a last trip might be best spent with family and friends. Then again, this might be the last few cherishable moments in one’s own company. Whether you’re looking for a true escape or a final huzzah, here 6 of the best places to go before you get hitched.

Before Getting Married, Here’s Where To Travel

1. Ibiza, Spain

To throw the most epic bachelor or bachelorette party ever, Ibiza, Spain is the perfect destination. Ibiza almost literally (but not really) means party ‘till you drop. It’s one of the five Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, and is well known throughout Europe for its lively nightlife. There are over 50 beaches stretched across 100 miles of coastline, and if the area’s stunning landscape isn’t enough to impress, the UNESCO-designated old town just might. Fit in the plenty of sights, culture, and fun in the sun during the day, and hit up Ibiza’s best restaurants, bars and clubs come evening.

2. San Jose, Costa Rica

Visit one of the happiest countries in the world to find the key to their success. You can have the best of both worlds, taking in culture while going on wilderness adventures. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is home to numerous cultural institutions such as the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. The country, which has coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific, is also known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Whether you decide to travel alone or with friends, the options here are endless. From rafting along the Reventazon River or getting pampered at one of Costa Rica’s adventure lodges, there’s something for the most thrill-seeking or comfort-driven of the bunch. The people of Costa Rica are also immensely friendly, so you’ll also end up feeling supremely loved and welcomed.

3. Seoul, South Korea

If you happen to be traveling with your beloved, then South Korea is where you’ll want to go to have your wedding photos taken. The studios in Seoul will have you looking like the picture-perfect couple in no time at all. First, South Korea’s beauty gurus will work their magic from your head to your toes, leaving you with a temporary ethereal sparkle. Then, you’ll get your moment in the spotlight at the photo studio. You might have to say cheese a couple dozen times, but you’ll get a timeless shot to hang in your foyer. For all things beauty and pre-wedding prep, head to Seoul to find the best of the best.

4. The Great Spas of Europe – Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad), Czech Republic

For a restful escape, check out one of the selected group of spa towns that make up the Great Spas of Europe. This list, submitted by the Permanent Delegation of Italy to UNESCO, includes historic European spa towns that exhibit therapeutic components. Some attributes include aquatic medical treatments, hydrotherapy and mud treatments. The biggest spa town among the Greats is Karlovy Vary, aka Carlsbad, in the Czech Republic. The area has a high concentration of thermal springs outlets, and possibly the largest spa complex in Europe. This spa town was founded in the Middle Ages, and the area extends into the valley of the Tepla Rivers. It’s a destination that might provide some much needed R&R, and where you might get to rub shoulders European royals and other quasi-celebs.

5. Oslo, Norway

For that last chance to “find yourself” before the big day, Norway is a top destination for solo travel, especially in terms of safety for females. Though Oslo is a fairly small city, the area is beautiful, affordable and exceptionally friendly. Travellers on a budget can stay in a hostel and walk or use public transportation to get to most places in the city. There are numerous places to visit in town, but more importantly, some great quiet spaces to sit and think.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the destination of choice if you want to seize the bull by the horns and immerse yourself in a cultural experience. It’s a great destination for solo travelers because the opportunities for new experiences are endless. If you want to indulge spur of the moment whims that are yours and yours alone, head to Bangkok for that last chance to do so. The country is a travel hub of Southeast Asia, so you could theoretically explore the capital one day and hop on a train to who-knows-where the next. The city is full of so many sights, sounds and places to explore that you might not even remember that you’re traveling alone. Bangkok, City of Angels and the Venice of the East, would undoubtedly be a memorable solo trip for bachelors and bachelorettes with a date on the horizon.

This article was written by Hanna Choi.