Finding affordable things to do in big cities can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions on how to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. There are a lot of free events, specific days that are discounted, and hidden gems for you to enjoy when you're not spending time in your super-affordable vacation rental.

See The Best Of Philadelphia With These 6 Fun Free Or Cheap Things To Do

1. See an incredible view of the city

Go to the top of City Hall and see incredible views of the city for $4. The office is located on the ground level of city hall. During your tour you can read about how City Hall was built and how much it cost.

2. Climb the Rocky Steps

“If you know your worth, then go out and get what you’re worth.” Climb the Rocky Steps and take a selfie with the Rocky Statue. All day, and always free.

3. Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art for free

On Wednesday Nights, from 17:30-19:30 the Philadelphia Museum of Art is free after Pay What You Wish admission. Visit their website to find out what they are featuring that evening.

4. Tour Philly's biggest historic attractions for free

Visit and tour America’s most historical sights for free including Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, The President’s House, Carpenters’ Hall and Congress Hall. Always free, but make sure to double-check the hours of operation.

5. See where money is made

Take a tour of the US Mint for free and see the nation’s first coining press.

6. Go back in time

Take a free tour of the Chemical Heritage Foundation Museum where you will experience 18th- to 20th-century artifacts, including scientific objects, artwork, rare books and everyday objects that tell the stories of discoveries that shaped the modern world.

These are just a few favorites, but be sure to visit Philly's website to learn more about upcoming events. Also, you can’t miss out on the beautiful parks in Philly like Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square Park, and Harbor Park (where you can eat while relaxing in hammocks)

This article was written by Kevin Burrows.