Ring in the new year in Europe! These six cities are known for their New Years festivities. From Iceland to Rome, you'll find distinctly different atmospheres in these celebratory cities. Wherever you end up, you will have a great time, from tasting the best local food to celebrating the beginning of 2020 with friendly locals.

Celebrate The Start Of 2020 In These European Cities

1. Edinburgh

New Years Eve celebrations in Edinburgh don’t just grace us on the 31st, as the 30th sees a torchlight procession through the street that ends in fireworks. New Years Eve itself in Edinburgh consists of an over-the-top street party. Bring in the new year with outdoor concerts that end in a force of fireworks raining over Edinburgh Castle.

2. Berlin

This city is known for its nightlife all year round, meaning that New Years Eve is the height of the festivities. A huge street party that sprawls between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victoria Column holds the best of Berlin. Dance to live music at different stages, enjoy laser shows, and find German food at the many stalls. New Years, known as “Silvester” to the locals, is typically raucous and exciting in Berlin.

3. Paris

New Years in Paris means one thing — watching fireworks erupt over the lit-up Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t get much more iconic than this! Join thousands of people celebrating on the streets of the Champs-Elysées, with views of the glowing Eiffel Tower. Though there are lots of crowds swanning around the streets of Paris, the views are truly worth it. Alternatively, you can book a dinner and cruise along the Seine for a romantic evening, or watch the festivities from above at Montmartre.

4. Vienna

This city brings tradition and an old world experience into the glamorous and high-class New Years parties. The Grand Ball at the Hofburg Palace is infamous for its New Years celebration, attracting guests from all over. The Christmas market turns into a New Years fair, and a New Year’s Eve Trail helps you navigate the Old City. Of course, fireworks light up the night in Vienna at midnight, and New Year’s Day brings the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s concert on the big screen outside City Hall.

5. Reykjavik

Although Reykjavik doesn’t have an official New Years party like most cities, the city is magical and glowing at New Years. Fireworks are set off by individuals in an amazing effort, lighting up the long darkness of the Icelandic night. Community bonfires burn well into the night, and the four hours of daylight mean that staying up late for the occasion can seem bizarre but wonderful. With bars and pubs open all night, the parties are much smaller and more intimate.

6. Rome

New Years Eve, or San Silvestro, is a wonderful time to be in Rome. Gather with the crowds at the piazza del Popolo for a free concert and fireworks display. Though very crowded, this celebration brings out thousands of excited and bright-eyed party-goers to celebrate the future in a historical city. Say “Buon Anno” as you enjoy your romantic evening in one of Europe’s most beautiful spots. Bring in the New Year with the eternal city!

This article was written by Clara Hudson.