One of the most wonderful things about Hanukkah is being surrounded by friends and family in your home as you light the menorah each night. But if you've felt the urge to travel the world, check out these six incredible destinations where you can celebrate Hanukkah. Bring your loved ones, and experience the magic of Hanukkah in these beautiful places.

Travel The World To Celebrate Hanukkah In These 6 Places

Photo: Dominic Alves/Flickr

1. New York

The original home of the bagels, New York has one of the largest Jewish populations in the world, and bring Hanukkah to the forefront of New Yorkers’ minds. Admire the world’s largest menorah in a lovely evening ceremony at the Grand Army Plaza. This awe-inspiring menorah is lit each evening in celebration, making New York a great place to teach children about their religion. The festival brings all kinds of traditional food and dancing, rivalling the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree in every way!

2. New York

The most obvious and traditional place to spend Hanukkah is right in Israel where it began. Take this trip to go back to the very scene in which the story of Hanukkah took place. Hanukkah in Israel will mean a lot of learning and sight-seeing, as your pilgrimage takes you to historical land. A trip to Israel also puts learning over material goods, as your quest will be to experience the holiday rather than to shower children with gifts.

3. New York

As a hub of Catholic culture, Rome wouldn’t be your natural first choice to celebrate Hanukkah. However, the religious vibe in Rome is paradoxically the perfect place for Hanukkah. Walk down to the Piazza Barberini to see the lighting of an immense menorah in a magical moment. Rome’s Old Jewish Quarter is buzzing with fellow families basking in the Hanukkah glow. The rich combination of Italian and Jewish food is unbeatable. Enjoy first class latkes and fried artichokes.

4. New York

There is a very large Jewish population in the port city of Antwerp, Belgium. Hanukkah is a big deal in Antwerp because so many of its orthodox residents are celebrating in the Diamond District. Many events, small and large, are all over Antwerp during Hanukkah for you to partake in. The local bakeries will have all kinds of delicious food baking for Hanukkah, and a large menorah decorates the town. Find kosher restaurants too, and the feeling of a Jewish community all around. Just a train ride away from Brussels, crowds gather there too to watch the lighting of the menorah at the EU.

5. New York

While most visitors head to LA for the good weather around Hanukkah season anyway, LA celebrates Hanukkah with more than just the warmth. LA has multiple events all over the city that you can partake in, from family festivals to menorah lightings in Beverly Hills (of all places). LA has many kosher restaurants, and places that claim the best latkes in the city. Celebrate the festival of lights in sunny LA!

6. New York

Large crowds gather in the iconic Trafalgar Square to celebrate Hanukkah with menorah lightings each evening at Chanukah in the Square. You’ll be pleased to hear that you can also find doughnuts, bagels, and entertainment in Trafalgar Square. Hanukkah in London is typical of the city, mixing both tradition and the modern. With the many Jewish people living in London, the Hanukkah celebration helps remind them of their faith in the bustling city.

This article was written by Clara Hudson.