With warm weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to spend your time. Whether it’s a trip with the family or a group of friends, whitewater rafting in Wisconsin is an amazing way to spend your summer. From the beginner to experienced rafter, there are trips for all levels. Rafting trips are classified by the intensity of the rapids. Classes I and II are easier, less difficult passages with no serious obstacles and smaller waves. If you are traveling with the family or an inexperienced group then this is a great way to start your rafting excursion. If challenge and excitement is more your style, but you’re not quite a seasoned rafter then a Class III trip will test and thrill you. For the experienced rafters, Class IV and V are the perfect trips designed to give you that adrenaline rush. When planning a whitewater-rafting trip, know your group and everyone’s experience levels to ensure everyone has a fun time.

Where to Whitewater Raft in Wisconsin

1. Thornton’s Rafting Resort & Campground - Athelstane, WI

For over 28 years, Thornton’s has been offering whitewater rafting trips for all experience levels. From the leisurely scenic paddle to ripping down Class V rapids with drops and violent currents, the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers offer an adventure for everyone. If whitewater rafting isn’t for you, don’t worry, Thornton’s has plenty of other activities (paintballing, kayaking, hikes, and more) to keep your whole group entertained.

Pricing varies by river and season.

2. Wildman Adventure Resort – Athelstane & Niagara, WI

North of Green Bay, WI, Wildman Adventure Resort offers rafting trips on both the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers. Wildman has private access to part of the Peshtigo River, which allows rafters the opportunity to better scout the rapids and how to ride them without the worry of trespassing. Both rivers offer a thrill ride for all ages and experience levels. Rafters also get to ride the rapids more than once. So it’s not just a one-time thrill ride! Wildman offers different trip packages to fit the needs for your group. Furthermore, they have everything from single person boats for those shallower mid-summer rides to larger boats for the spring and early summer, deep water rafting rides. Also the adventure doesn’t stop at rafting, Wildman Adventure Resorts offers: kayaking, rock-climbing, paintballing, stand-up paddle boarding and more. There will never be a dull moment!

3. Big Smokey Falls Rafting - Keshena, WI

About 168 miles North of Milwaukee, WI, you can go rafting on the Wolf River, which is one of the largest waterways in the Menominee Reservation. The Wolf River is about 59 miles long, full of twists and turns. The rafting season runs May through September 15.

For more information or to make reservations, call 715-799-3359.

4. Kosir's Rapid Rafts – Silver Cliff, WI

For over 40 years, Kosir’s has offered an extensive array of rafting trips for all levels of experience. Trips take place on both the Peshtigo and Menominee Rivers. The Peshtigo River trips occur both during spring and summer, whereas, the Menominee River trip is offered from Memorial Day through Labor Day. For spring trips, proper clothing is required to stay warm and wetsuits are provided. Trips generally last about one to three hours. Also there are different Specials for the spring and summer seasons. Kosir’s also offers “funyaks,” which are inflatable, one-person boats that self-bail so you never need to stop and empty out the water.

5. Buettner’s Wild Wolf Inn & Herbs Rafts – White Lake, WI

Boat services are offered through the Inn and offer a Do-It-Yourself rafting experience. You will raft down the Wolf River past undeveloped shorelines, which allows rafters to enjoy the wilderness and nature as it was and has been. You can either take a short 2-3 hour trip or a longer 5-6 hour trip. The adventure is yours to create and enjoy!

6. Shotgun Eddy Raft Rental – White Lake, WI

Described as “the ultimate whitewater rafting in Northern Wisconsin,” Shotgun Eddy Raft Rental is located on the Wolf River in Menominee County. Trips vary in intensity, but one thing is certain that everyone will have a blast! Trips can be reserved for full or half days and the season runs from May 1st through the second Saturday in September. Rustic camping is also available to rafters.

For more information or to make reservations, call: 920-494-3782 (main office) or 715-882-4461 (summer office).

This article was written by Alina K Dix.