5 Tips To Traveling Light

One of the best aspects of traveling is the spontaneous trip - the one that you take on a whim. When taking a trip on a whim, however, one tends not to plan that far ahead. And even when you have time to plan, sometimes you just don't want to lug two 60 pound suitcases around wherever you go. It can take some skill to pack the things you will need before jumping in the car on a roadtrip, or on a plane to another country, so here are some tips to traveling light, fast, and on the fly. 1) Learn to love your backpack The backpack is not just for those who hike across Europe. With all the different pockets and sections, a medium-sized backpack can hold your necessities, a laptop, a few books, and enough clothes for at least a weekend. In addition, it can keep everything compartmentalized into sections for easy access. It leaves space for more people in your car for a roadtrip, and saves you time at the airport that you would spend checking bags. 2) Become a clothes-folding ninja The better you are at folding your clothes, the better they will fit in your backpack or small bag. The better they will fit, themore you can fit. The more you can fit, the longer you can travel. Sounds like a good idea to me! 3) Digitalize Print your boarding passes at home before you leave. Have all of your books on your computer as ebooks or audiobooks. Get any movies or TV shows you may want to watch on your computer. The digital age we're in makes traveling with entertainment easier and lighter than ever. If there is anything that you absolutely must bring, see if there is a way to get it on your laptop. 4) Do Your HomeworkHave an idea before you decide to go on your trip about what your necessities are. Mine are a) clothes, and b) my laptop. I've narrowed it down to just the things I know I will need, and if I can fit anything else than its a bonus. 5) Stay with Trippers They are the perfect hosts for spontaneous trips, and are willing to welcome you into their homes for as long as they possibly can. You never know, some of them may even let you use their laundry machines so you can make your packed clothes last far longer than normal!