5 Tips for the Traveling Yogi

Requiring nothing more than some space and dedication, yoga is an easy activity to do on-the-go. Here is a list of 5 tips to help bring yoga wherever your travels may take you:

1. Yoga clothes as travel clothes

Traveling with tons of additional yoga clothing is a thing of the past; now yogis can lighten their suitcases by wearing their yoga clothing as casual travel wear. Many manufactures of yoga apparel are designing stylish items that serve multiple functions, making it easy to transition from on the mat to off the mat. Not only does this limit the number of items you need to pack, it also limits the number of excuses for not getting your practice in as well!

2. Packing yoga-friendly snacks

It's no secret that many yogis are particular about their food. While most cities are becoming increasingly health conscious, there are still several places where it is difficult to find yoga friendly fare. Luckily, several companies have helped minimize the fear of waking up in a small town and not finding something enjoyable to eat. From organic snack bars to all natural energy supplements, there are now a wide variety of yoga-friendly treats that can be tucked away in your luggage to help ease your mind (and belly!).

3. Traveling yoga mat

Most yoga mats are bulky and cumbersome to travel with. Since many yogi's like to take their yoga on the go, several companies have addressed this issue by creating specially designed travel yoga mats. These mats are often much lighter, thinner, and more compact than a traditional yoga mat. If you like a more cushioned feeling beneath your palms during your Downward Facing Dog, you can always use it as a layer between community mats and other, unfamiliar surfaces.

4. Yoga bag as a carry-on

If you'll be traveling by plane, chances are you can only have one carry-on. Yoga bags meet the size requirements for most airlines. By using this bag as your carry-on, you won't have to make room for your mat in your suitcase. There are several yoga bags that now have multiple pockets, which can hold important travel documents. An added bonus: if your flight is delayed, you can always unroll your mat at the airport for a little pre-flight stretching. You'll also eliminate the risk of losing your mat in a lost suitcase!

5. Reach out to the Yoga Tripping network!

The growing Yoga network on Tripping is a huge resource for the traveling yogi. Connect with yogis around the world for information on the cities you'll be visiting. From the inside scope on community classes to advice on yoga-friendly restaurants, Trippers on the Yoga network are ready and willing to share their expertise. You may even find a few local yogis willing to host you for a few days!

With a little planning and research, you can ensure that your travels never interfere with your yoga practice. In fact, with so many industries supporting the yogi-on-the-go, there is no reason why yoga can't bring the same sense of calm to your travels that it brings to your everyday life.

This was a guest post by Tripper and yogi Victoria Gigante. Connect with her via her profile and via the Yoga Network.