5 Reasons Tripping is the Only Way to Travel

Why just travel when you can Trip?

Here are 5 reasons the social travel site Tripping can make your next vacation 49.995% better.

You can do things you'd never get to do as a tourist. Like....

Going salsa dancing with a local Tripper and her friends in London.

Or going sledding in Central Park.

You get to ditch the cookie-cutter hotel experience and stay in unique local places Like...

A historic wharf cottage in Massachusetts.

Or a Balinese villa with room for all your closest friends.

You can find vacation rentals from your favorite rental sites all in one place.

The travelers you meet have tons of great stories. Like....

The time they went hang gliding in Interlaken.

Or the time they climbed Mt. McKinley.

The local hosts have great stories too. They have cool backgrounds like....

Being the creator of an award-winning online series.

Or living on a tiger reserve in the South of India.

[caption id="attachment_6522" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo from Tripper living on the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve"][/caption]

Or being on the team that won the gold medal at the World Beach Ultimate Championships in Brazil (2007).

So whether you're packing your bags and exploring the world or traveling vicariously through the Trippers you host, Tripping is the site for you.

To see how it works and learn more about why Tripping is the only way to travel, click here.

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