If you’re headed to Georgia, Tybee Island is a beautiful destination to visit. Full of history from the early colonization of Georgia through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, you’ll learn a lot about this area of the United States during your trip.

Tybee Island is close to Savannah, and it is very accessible to seniors. There are many different types of activities ranging from relaxing at the beach to walking around historic areas or riding a bike along the shoreline.

Top 5 Activities for Seniors in Tybee Island

1. Visit the Tybee Lighthouse

The iconic lighthouse on Tybee Island is the reason that many people come to visit. Built in 1732, it has served as a beacon for mariners entering the Savannah River for close to 300 years. Visit the onsite museum and join a small, private tour - but make sure to call ahead, since reservations fill quickly in the spring and summer months.

2. Take a Dolphin Tour

Seeing the friendly local bottlenose dolphins that live in the warm water around Tybee Island will lift your spirits! Watch them swim alongside your tour boat during your excursion. Tour providers also offer special sunset boat rides, which are a perfect opportunity for taking memorable family photos. Tybee Island Charters, Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventure, and Captain Derek’s Dolphin Adventure are three great tour operators to choose from.

3. Visit Fort Pulaski

See this National Monument which was state-of-the-art in the Civil War. However, more advanced military technology from the Union Army ultimately resulted in the Fort’s surrender. Learn more about this important part of Civil War history in the indoor museum and an outdoor guided or self-guided tour.

4. Go on a Bike Trip Around the Island

Rent a bike for a day and ride around pancake-flat Tybee Island! Take a picnic with you and breathe the fresh air. If you’ve never tried riding a fat tire bike before - which allows you to ride on the sand - this is a great place to try it for the first time! You can cover the length of all of the beautiful beaches when you rent this type of bike. Fat Tire Bikes and Tim’s Beach Gear are two options for rentals, and the friendly employees at the bike shops are more than happy to help you plan your excursion.

5. Enjoy Brunch at the Tybee Island Social Club

Start the day off right with a fantastic brunch that combines Southern Hospitality with a Latin twist. The menu features many fresh fish and seafood options that are definitely worth a try. If you’re hoping to try more local seafood during your visit, check out the Tybee Island Crab Shack, which has been a favorite with visitors and locals alike since its opening in the 1980s.

Due to its location on the ocean and the hard work of locals to preserve the area, Tybee Island also has a lot of ecology excursions and centers that are worth a stop during your visit. Additionally, while there are many places to stay in Tybee Island, particularly along the beach, visiting nearby Savannah is a great option and a good place to set up your home base. Savannah also offers a lot of interesting Civil War history combined with Southern charm and elegance.

This article was written by Cathy Trainor.