We all have that friend or family member who accumulates more passport stamps and boarding passes than we can keep up with. That person whose middle name should be “Wanderluster” and who always posts the most enviable Instagram pictures.

When the holiday season approaches, the question remains: How do you shop for someone who’s been everywhere and done everything? While a recent holiday survey found that the most popular item on most Americans’ wish-lists for 2016 is travel, you may not be able to afford airline tickets—hey, you’ve got other gifts to purchase too! Don’t worry, these thoughtful and meaningful gifts are sure to delight the globetrotter on your list.

Give One Of These 5 Great Gifts To Your Favorite Traveler

1. Memory Journal

Cost: $10.25

This pocket-sized notebook is ideal for tucking into a carry-on bag, and allows the creative, nostalgic and introspective traveler to record a standout moment from their explorations anytime inspiration strikes. Bound by durable cardstock and filled with recycled paper, the eco-conscious design can stand up against the frequent wear-and-tear.

Your nomadic friend will appreciate being able to reminisce on all their favorite destinations, even when they’re not in transit. And every time they do, they’ll think of you.

2. Travel Stories

Cost: $11.99

The Lonely Planet’s book Better Than Fiction is the page-turning answer to layover induced boredom and perfect for the adventurer who’s a passionate reader too. This collection of narratives from renowned authors will engross any travel enthusiast who identifies with the enrichments, revelations, and insights that discovering another culture can bring. There’s a sense of camaraderie amongst people who are constantly en route, and this book captures that feeling in poignant, vivid detail.

3. Luggage Tags

Cost: $19.99

Keeping track of a suitcase has never been so stylish, thanks to these customizable tags. Their bohemian vibe reflects the wandering, gypsy soul. The vintage charm is handcrafted with authentic leather and engraved with personal touches, making it a memorable keepsake in between trips.

The traveler can even choose both the accent colors and tag inscription for a unique gift that’s functional, whimsical and sentimental. If you don’t want them to know you’re buying the gift, engrave it with something special that the two of you share, like an inside joke, favorite quote or special date.

4. Scratch Map

Cost: $42.29

If your jet-setting loved one has lost count of all the countries they’ve explored, give them a decorative reminder to display at home—when they’re not off conquering the world, that is. This lightweight poster material is perfect for wall mounting, and the metallic sheen complements most types of decor.

When they get back from an adventure, your friend can scratch the foil off each location they visited. Now they’ll never forget where they’ve been and will have a constant reminder of the places still on their bucket-list.

5. Mobile Charger

Cost: $59.95

This practical gadget can help even the most remote traveler stay connected to civilization, whether they’re hiking the Appalachian Trail or crossing the Serengeti. Created by Mophie, the compact Juice Pack Reserve fits onto an iOS device like a phone case, extending the battery by 60 percent, recharging itself automatically, and protecting the smartphone from weather hazards or wilderness encounters.

With these must-have items on your shopping list, you can wave “bon voyage” to generic gifts this holiday season and surprise your favorite wanderluster with a present that’s both unexpected and unforgettable—just like their vagabond spirit.

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than 10 years. She is currently a lifestyle blogger and the editor of Whooo’s Reading and Carpe Daily. When she's not writing or editing, she's trying new DIY projects around the house or training fitness clients. Follow her on Twitter @Jlsander07.