Having a bonfire while looking out at the Atlantic Ocean as the sun sets is one of the very best ways to spend an East Coast evening. Here are five beautiful beaches where bonfires are permitted, so you can spend some extra time with your loved ones on the beach.

Make A Bonfire On These 5 East Coast Beaches

1. Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

Photo: Mickey Barry/Flickr

In Orleans right off of Route 6A, this popular beach is buzzing both on-season and off. Rock Harbor faces west, unlike most beaches on the east coast, giving it a unique feel. With no fees to park nearby, the gorgeous sunsets are that much sweeter. Once the sun sets, that’s when bonfires will break out, as most of the beach-goers will have left the sand for another day.

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

2. Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

Photo: Eduardo Mueses/Flickr

This secluded beach is one of the top fire spots at night. However, it’s so secluded that you’ll need to figure out your own boat transportation back after the last 4:30 ferry. It’s definitely worth it to get so absorbed in nature, and to have a bonfire far away from anyone else at the beach. Let the bonfire’s glowing embers light up your night!

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

3. Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

Photo: dwstucke/Flickr

With miles of beautiful sand at this protected beach, Sandy Neck lives up to its name. Set up a fire and look outward at amazing ocean views from the sand. Bonfires are allowed in the summer season, from April until the end of October. You’ll need a permit to get going, and there is a specific area that’s a “no fire” zone. The bonfires here are beautiful, and make for an idyllic Cape Cod evening.

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

4. Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

Photo: Greg Hartmann/Flickr

In the city of Dania Beach, Florida, this state park has a tiki theme, making it ideal for festive barbecue and bonfires. You’ll need a permit, which can take some arranging, but it’s worth it for celebrations. Park rangers supervise the fires, and enforces that they take place after sunset (when the park is closed). The fee can get pricey, but it works out for large gatherings around the fire.

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

5. Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

Photo: socialBedia/Flickr

The simplest way to hold a beach bonfire is at the A.D. Barnes State Park, where fire rings make the bonfire simple and easy. Reserve a fire ring and tent for a no-hassle fire that doesn’t even require finding wood. Spend the whole night around the fire with friends, and get ready for a wild night with overnight camping if you like.

Rock Harbor, Cape Cod

This article was written by Clara Hudson.