Whether you’re looking for a spot to go for a family reunion or planning a reunion with your friends from High School, Lake Lure, North Carolina is a great stop for seniors, offering plenty of activities and recreation for kids of all ages. In addition to being very family-friendly, Lake Lure is a beautiful and relaxing destination that is an excellent choice for a vacation.

Five Best Activities To Plan With Seniors At Lake Lure

1. Golfing

The historic Lake Lure Golf Club, built in 1927, offers great prices for seniors, from $10 for 9 walking holes to $27 for 18 holes with a cart on the weekdays with weekends only being a dollar or two more. Being on the lake, the course is beautiful and perfect for a relaxing day while enjoying a game of golf in good company.

2. Fishing

Being a cool lake, Lake Lure actually acts a a great habitat for many species of fish including smallmouth bass, white bass, catfish, yellow perch, sunfish, and crappie call this lake home. At one point, the lake was also stocked with trout, but the temperatures and oxygen levels are not conducive to the species, and they mostly died out, however the occasional trout that might be caught nearer where Lure Lake meets Broad River. With a 10-day fishing license in North Carolina running for $18 for nonresidents, many days can be spent fishing while on vacations to the lake. There are even guided fishing tours offered by some companies surrounding the lake to help you have the best fishing experience while there.

3. Boating

Both locals and visitors enjoy boating on this lake, so companies surrounding the lake make it easy for visitors to avoid going through all of the regulations by offering rentals for boats of all types. For a relaxing day just being on the water, pontoon and sail boats are perfect, and for a relaxing adventure, canoes can also be rented. Costs vary depending on the boat types and are generally available at hourly or daily rates.

4. Hiking

The Lake Lure area has a variety of hiking trails each offering beautiful views and experiences. One hike that is great for accessibility to all seniors is the Lake Lure Town Center Walking Tour which is a two mile path featuring North Carolina’s flora. The many benches along the way encourage walkers to stop and take in the lake and mountain views, and there are opportunities to walk along the lake to look for any of those remaining trout left in the lake. Possibly the best bonus of this trail is the Flowering Bridge which is a paved walkway through flowering gardens from the Spring into the Fall. This hike is absolutely free, and a great way to experience the beauty of Lake Lure.

5. Birding

If you haven’t already picked up bird watching, the migratory birds that live around Lake Lure during the summers and year round may entice you to partake in some birding activity. Nearby Chimney Rock Park overlooks Lake Lure and has opportunities to sight over 26 bird species. The best times of the year for maximum bird viewing are mid-April to mid-May but there are also birds to be seen throughout the summer. Seniors get $2 off of the regular park admission, which is $15 for adults, with a picture ID showing a birthdate. The park opens at 8:30am, which is the best time to arrive, as it is cooler in temperature meaning bird sightings will be higher.

Of course, depending on your interests, Lake Lure has more to offer beyond these activities. Are you a senior who has been to Lake Lure and have some other insider info and great activities to share? Let us know!

This article was written by Kimberly D. Cowan.