Some may call a Taurus stubborn, but that just means that they are very independent. With the bull as a zodiac symbol, Taurus’s are definitely known to be persistent and determined. However, they also appreciated beauty and nature and like to keep things simple. A Taurus likes to be comfortable and appreciates the little things in life. These characteristics should be kept in mind when traveling with a Taurus. Here are 11 places around the world that a Taurus should visit.

11 World Destinations A Taurus Should Travel To


These gigantic trees are rooted even deeper than a Taurus is. Taurus will greatly appreciate the stunning scenery in Northern California and relaxed lifestyle.


Crystal clear waters on a quiet Greek island make a perfect getaway for a Taurus. A relaxed, secluded vacation home is a place of grounding from where great adventures can begin!


A Taurus appreciates great food and wine, and what better place to have both than a Parisian vineyard? Visit individual wineries and sample their wines while enjoying sumptuous meals.


The Hamptons is known for its class, beautiful beaches and, of course, wine. A Taurus will love a day at the spa or the beach, or perhaps both in one day, and ending the day with a relaxing glass of their favorite wine.

5. Valencia, Spain

Valencia is filled with museums and culture, and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beauty of the architecture and nature will please a Taurus, not to mention the delicious Spanish food and relaxing pace of life.


The Grand Canyon is not complicated, but simply beautiful, which is something a Taurus will certainly enjoy. Make sure to watch the sunrise before heading back to your beautiful abode.


The independent Taurus will appreciate the camping options Yellowstone has to offer. Old Faithful is something all nature lovers should see in their lifetime. Further south in Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park has inspiring hiking through exquisite mountains.


The Rocky Mountains are great for hiking and observing wildlife, both ideal for a vacation with a Taurus. Slow down and relax to the pace of life on the trail, and camp by gorgeous lakes where you can enjoy hot cocoa by a campfire.


With a similar landscape to the Rocky Mountains, Taurus’s will love an adventure through these Canadian mountain ranges. Banff is also known for its resorts and spas.


This beautiful city has colorful architecture and a deep history. A Taurus will enjoy exploring the streets of Guanajuato and eating delicious food. Enjoy life by going dancing in the evening!


A Taurus can be very independent in this small Alaskan city. The majestic view of the Northern Lights will take your breath away in the winter, and you can appreciate the beautiful scenery all year round.

This article was written by Taylor Bishop.