Listen up all you posers! Tree Posers, that is. Pack up your yoga mats and fitness-forward minds to stretch over to some of the most relaxing, body-focused, mind-enhancing yoga retreats imaginable. These restorative spots will help you rejuvenate your inner being while bringing your mind, body and spirit to a place of peace and balance. Enjoy the soothing atmospheres, with their pleasant aromatherapy smells of lavender and mint julep, as you radiate in shining splendor under the great outdoors at these heavenly sanctuaries. Most destinations include a spa, massage therapy, hot tub and sauna amenities, while others deliver a more rustic and organic atmosphere, including off-the-grid and eco-sustainability systems. Total well-being and serenity, coupled with healthy eating and reconnecting with nature, make for a rejuvenating, whole-body transformative experience. Enjoy your yoga adventure…Namaste!

Breathe Deep At These U.S. Yoga Retreats

1. Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Where: 57 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Ranked as one of the top yoga retreats in the country, Kripalu provides everything you need for a serene and restorative experience. Inviting, lush and colorful gardens and trails offer tranquil and meditative backdrops for hiking, strolling and quietly sitting. The lakefront beach provides great opportunities for water activities like kayaking and swimming. A variety of yoga and movement classes, workshops and healthy meal plans, as well as options to enjoy a massage and sauna, are at your disposal. The freshly-baked organic bread will tickle your nose throughout the day and satisfy your palate during mealtimes. You can indulge yourself, should you decide to escape alone, or make it a group getaway. More than 800 programs are offered throughout the year. Rates start at $334 but vary by program, and are all inclusive of accommodations, nourishing meals and use of facilities.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

2. Omega Institute

Where: 150 Lake Drive, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

On 250 sprawling acres in New York’s breathtaking Hudson Valley, thousands of guests are welcomed every year to the main campus of this nonprofit center devoted to health and wellness. Opt to take part in a rigorous or restorative yoga workshop with a top notch teacher, or simply book a wellness vacation focused on rest and rejuvenation. Free-form retreats are available in New York in the spring through fall, with daily classes in yoga, tai chi, movement and meditation. You will have plenty of time for contemplative strolls on nature trails in between kayaking, nutritious meals, spa treatments at the Omega Wellness Center and education at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living. Explore the journey of finding your purpose at Omega, and elevate your spirit with trapeze lessons and other activities. There are a variety of specialty retreats to sample including restorative retreats for kids and mother-daughter getaways. The center's rates vary from $240-$672 for two all-inclusive R&R nights.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

3. Lumeria Maui

Where: 1813 Baldwin Avenue, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Lumeria Maui is a secluded sanctuary that provides a lush, tropical, mountainous backdrop for practicing Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) asanas and more. Bask in spiritual energy and blessings offered up by the shamans at this renovated six-acre estate designed in 1910, which emits a timeless and rejuvenating energy. Luxurious rooms with organic linens will soothe you to sleep after a relaxing massage and dip in the saltwater pool. The fruits and vegetables served in the on-site restaurant are farm-to-table and grown right on the property. Nearby beaches provide additional water activities such as kayaking, whale watching, snorkeling windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kite boarding for pleasure seekers. Activities such as hiking and horseback riding are also available. Enjoy the sanctity and healing benefits of this year-round retreat. Rates are from $1,750 per person, double occupancy, and include 5-day accommodations, 3 meals per day, one 60-minute massage, and daily yoga classes. Rates range from $329-$419 per night for an a la carte stay. Inquire about senior rates for guests 65 years of age or older.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

4. Big Sky Yoga Retreats

Where: Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Yeehaw! Calling all cowgirl yogini to this gorgeous Montana yoga retreat. This rustic location provides access to acres of magnificent Montana nature connecting ladies with wildlife and the Double T River Ranch. Enjoy the mind-body wellness transformation as you incorporate yoga with outdoor activities such as horseback riding and hiking along Rocky Mountain nature trails. Dine on healthy Western-inspired gourmet meals prepared exclusively by the in-house chef to satisfy your cravings and heighten your overall cowgirl experience. A unique assortment of retreats are offered throughout the year to aid you in channeling your inner cowgirl, including Cowgirl Yogatography, Cowgirl Yoga™ & Creativity, Yoga & Vineyard and the signature retreat, Cowgirl Yoga, which fuses together yoga and the human/horse connection. Rates start at $1,895-$2,195 per person, double occupancy, for four all-inclusive days. A peaceful and organic Vinyasa flow between nature and animal is sure to be enjoyed. The photo from above was taken by Larry Stanley, who is also a teacher at the retreat.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

5. Stowe Mountain Ranch Retreats

Where: 5504 Mountain Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Outdoor adventures await you at this rustic and scenic resort set in the fertile mountains of Vermont. Interacting with nature’s elements and animals, horses that is, will keep you in a peaceful, siren and yogi state of being. Swim, sauna and soak in the hot tub for the ultimate relaxation experience. Hiking, biking and even winter activities make this a fun, year-round destination. Rates from $600-$825 for a 3 night all-inclusive stay.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

6. Kalani

Where: 12-6860 Kalapana-Kapoho Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Exhale, relax, and enjoy the splendor of this year-round, tropical oasis extending across 120 acres of lush property on the Big Island of Hawaii. In addition to a fulfilling yoga experience, treat yourself to scuba diving or snorkeling. Go swimming with dolphins, or hike along waterfalls and breathe the fresh air. Play volleyball, stroll along black sand beaches, or view nearby Kilauea. These are a few of the many activities to engage in that will keep you connected to nature on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kalani also provides workshops, events and festivals for music, art and dance, including traditional hula. Rates from $95-$245 per night for accommodations with yoga (meals are an additional charge), or $810 (double occupancy) to $1,020 (single occupancy) and up for 7 days and 6 all-inclusive nights…aloha!

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

7. Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat

Where: 53000 Breitenbush Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Slowly, in steady breaths, inhale nature at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat in the Willamette National Forest of the Oregon Cascades. Here, you will enjoy rustic cabins set in a forest wonderland against majestic mountains. Breitenbush is a holistic retreat that supports wellness and well-being. The property is powered by the Breitenbush River, and heated underground water provides a locally-generated, geothermal off-the-grid system. Massage treatments, steam saunas, hot tubs and natural hot spring pools will soothe your body and power down an overactive mind…savasana. Organic vegetarian meals will tantalize and please your food palate. Breitenbush is a year-round, self-empowering destination, and you owe yourself the luxury of personal quiet time and asana perfection. Rates start from $60 to $128 per night for accommodations and meals (guests must bring their own linens), plus the cost of the workshop, which can range from $150 to $375 for a three-day event to $1,000 or more for a weeklong event.

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8. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch

Where: 500 Budd Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Located 100 miles outside of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, the Yoga Ranch is an oasis resting on 77 acres of forest land in the scenic Catskill Mountains. The Sivanada Yoga Ranch is named after teacher Swami Sivananda, one of the most well-respected and influential spiritual teachers of our time. Leave all your cares behind to fully immerse yourself in this complete yoga experience, which includes meditation, asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (steady breathing techniques), healthy meals, and connecting with nature. Relax in the traditional Russian Banya, or wood-burning sauna, to detox and soothe muscles before or after a therapeutic massage. Choose from weekend or 5-day packages to experience this rejuvenating practice that is known worldwide. The program runs year-round, and shared room rates start at $80 night and include daily satsangs, organic vegetarian meals, hatha yoga classes and access to ashram facilities. Workshops are included unless a tuition fee is indicated. Yoga Ranch Retreat is a simple, yet harmonious way to quiet the mind and reinvigorate the body. You owe it to yourself to experience the Yoga Ranch.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

9. The Standard Spa

Where: 40 Island Avenue, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Yes, you can believe this amazing yoga retreat at The Standard Spa, Miami Beach offers a balanced and extensive yoga movement and meditation program for beginner and veteran yogis. Take in lovely panoramic views of the bay as you execute flowing asanas. This year-round retreat is sure to satisfy your inner yogi. Enjoy all of the additional ultra-modern and exquisite amenities that The Standard Spa provides, including fitness training, acupuncture, and health-conscious cooking lessons on the shores of South Beach. Rates start at $1,700 for two nights of accommodations, daily yoga and meditation practice, a spa treatment, and breakfast and lunch.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

10. The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island

Where: 3475 Christie Road, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Tranquility and nature at its best! The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island provides a meditative escape on 10 acres of secluded property with wildlife and peaceful surroundings just 25 miles from Seattle. This restorative setting with its beautiful nature trails, saunas, organic and wholesome meals and a “no WiFi zone” will keep you balanced and centered, and help you activate your inner energy source. Retreats are scheduled all year, so you can come when it is convenient. Solo retreats start at $75 per night for accommodations and breakfast; group retreats start at $450 which includes two nights of lodging, organic vegetarian meals, and two yoga classes a day.

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

11. SpaFari

Where: various locations worldwide

For the more adventurous and fitness focused yogis, SpaFari will take you to new life-stretching heights of self-challenge with hiking and healthy spa vacations around the globe….SpaCations. Each active eco-adventure vacation includes 10 to 15 miles of daily hiking & fitness, yoga, meditation, massage, sauna, weight loss, spa cuisine, and culture. Accommodations can be customized to suit your personal needs. Choose your destination and set off for a life altering, exuberating experience. Choose from North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as island destinations, there are no limits or boundaries to connecting you with your inner self on a global scale. Select additional activities such as snorkeling, sailing, biking, and horseback riding to further stretch your horizons. Year-round, 7 day adventures start at $3,800 per person, double occupancy for North American SpaFari packages.

This article was written by Sharon Cleveland Blount.