In the iciest, coldest weather of February, it's easier to get through it if you know you're headed somewhere warm and inviting. Dreaming of sitting by the pool and looking at palm trees in the sunshine can become a reality if you plan a trip to these ideal destinations. Plan far enough ahead and you'll be able to find decent prices, too. It's never to early to start planning your trip!

11 Dreamy Destinations For Snowbirds In February

1. Princeville, Hawaii

Princeville is a planned town designed specifically for snowbirds looking to escape from the mainland winters. The average temperature range in February is from 63°F to 75°F, sunny and mild year round, but especially appreciated by those traveling from the northern parts of the United States. The nearest airport is the Lihue Airport of Kauai Island.

2. Mesa, Arizona

A Phoenix suburb with its own cultural and arts events happening regularly, Mesa is a great place to get some sun. Mesa is known for its proximity to great golfing ranges, too. The average high in February is 70°F, and it never gets chillier than sweatshirt weather. Easily accessible from the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, this warm haven is great for the traveler looking for a trip that is easy to plan.

3. Plano, Texas

The average temperature here in February is slightly cooler than other locations on this list, at 53.5°F However, don’t let this discourage Plano as a possible snowbird destination. It was recently listed by Forbes as the safest American city, and boasts a healthy economy, giving it a great community feel and welcoming to newcomers. The easiest airport to use depends on what airline you prefer, Dallas Fort Worth has American Airlines, and Love Field caters to Southwest Airlines.

4. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville boasts mild summers, and a thriving tourist community that meshes well with the year-round and seasonal residents. February weather is consistently in the high 60° and 70°range, rarely going lower or higher. The local JAX (Jacksonville International Airport) is conveniently located and makes travel simple. Another detail that makes this city attractive to those looking to escape the chill is that there are plenty of volunteer and community activities to be involved that are welcoming to seasonal residents.

5. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the destination for those who truly love the heat; it is hot and sunny here, with temperatures usually in the high 70°’s range. This city boasts opportunities for every kind of entertainment, with professional sports teams, universities, and breathtaking natural scenery. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is easily accessible to and from anywhere in the region, and is another of the many perks of vacationing here frequently.

6. Brownsville, Texas

This snowbird destination is not just a great town to leave your coats behind, but it is one of a few on this list that also offer proximity to the beach, specifically the Gulf of Mexico here. At the southernmost tip of the state. The average temperature in February range is from the high 70°F to low 80°F. The ideal beach weather and easy transportation with an airport right in town, the Brownsville South Padre International Airport.

7. Costa Rica

For those looking for a more adventurous snowbird adventure, get your passport ready and join a growing community of North American expats to Costa Rica. This small nation has some of the most beautiful natural features and beaches. Some common areas for snowbirds to visit are Playa Hermosa, Flamingo, Tamarindo and Malpais on the southern Pacific side. Therefore, the best option to fly into is Juan Santamaria Airport, where the average temperature in February is 79°F.

8. Boquete, Panama

This Panamanian city is a hub for expats, even with their own expat market. This destination is ideal for snowbirds for several reasons. First, the currency there is the US Dollar, eliminating one thing off the travel to-do list. Second, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are not available anywhere back home in February, including golf, scuba diving, and hiking. February is always warm, but does fall in the rainy season so the weather will be wet. The nearest airport here is Enrique Malek Airport in David, though flights do not come in directly from the United States, so a connector flight will be necessary.

9. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With an average temperature of 72°F in February, Puerto Vallarta is another location with a large snowbird expat population. This is one of the destinations on this list that caters to tourists almost exclusively, and is great for those looking for a beach resort feel. Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport is conveniently located right in the city, and allows you to come as close as possible to hopping off the plane right into your sunny paradise.

10. Seaside, Florida

This sleepy town is, as the name suggests, located right next to the beach. With an average temperature high of 63°F in February, it might be better to do beachy activities besides swimming. For those who crave the laid back Florida lifestyle compared to the chilly Northern regions, this town and any of the surrounding beach villages are an ideal option. The Panama City Airport is under an hour away, and an easy drive at that.

11. Palm Springs, California

This southern California haven for snowbirds even has a booming real estate business for this specific type of traveler. Located in the Coachella Valley, these areas are great for their scenery and the great community of northern expats, as well as many Canadian expats. Like many on this list, Palm Springs boasts its own Palm Springs International Airport, and has warm February temperatures averaging at 70°F.

This article was written by Noelle LaDue.