Each year, thousands travel abroad for medical treatment — either for the anonymity, cutting-edge procedures, or lower prices. Here are some of the top places in the world to go if you’re seeking treatment. A vacation rental is also a great place to recover from a treatment, because you will be in a very quiet, tranquil space with plenty of privacy and all the comforts of home.

Top 10 World Destinations For Medical Tourism

1. Brazil

Brazilians take beauty so seriously that even pets get plastic surgery there. There’s also the highest per capita number of practicing cosmetic physicians in the world in Brazil, so if you’re looking for some aesthetic surgeries, head to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. So many surgeons means there are many specialists, and different doctors operate in different tax brackets.

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2. Thailand

One of the original countries for medical tourism, Thailand combines excellent, patient-centered care with low costs. The best place to go is Bangkok’s Bumrungrad International Hospital. Popular procedures include cosmetic surgery — particularly transgender procedures — orthopedics, and cardiology.

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3. United States

The United States has academic medical centers that often offer advanced technologies or procedures not yet available in other parts of the world — though they do often come at a steep price. Top places for international patients are Cleveland Clinic and Texas Medical Center.

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4. Mexico

Mexico has become a regional destination for those seeking cosmetic surgeries, particularly weight loss treatments, and dental care at a cheaper price and shorter waiting times than in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Many facilities also have recovery residencies that are pretty much vacation resorts where you can relax next to the warm Caribbean waters.

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5. South Africa

South Africa has one of the best medical reputations in the world, particularly for transplant surgery and orthopedic surgery. The country also has facilities that offer reclusion while you recuperate, and some places off both surgery and safari trips together.

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6. India

Though medicine might not be the field most affected by outsourcing, in many senses it has been. Top practitioners and well-equipped centers come at a fraction of the cost in India than they do in western countries. The nation’s specialty is heart care.

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7. Singapore

In order to maintain specialists on a small island, Singapore has long advertised its medical services to international travelers. Just about every subspecialty is offered to patients, and Singapore has multiple partnerships with US universities to keep abreast of medical developments. There’s also new tourist attractions for before or after your procedure, such as Sentosa Island, with a theme park, aquarium, and several casinos.

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8. South Korea

South Korea has become a medical destination for its neighbors Japan and Russia due to its cutting-edge technology and reasonable prices. Though cosmetic surgery is common, Korea’s hospitals also specialize in treating spinal disorders and cancer.

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9. Israel

Israel has top-rate doctors and much of the medical equipment used around the world is produced there. The country’s specialty, however, is in reproductive health and fertility. IVF centers there are among the largest and often much less expensive than in North America. While you’re there, take a wellness trip to the healing waters of the Dead Sea as well.

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10. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers medical travelers the best of both worlds in its “recovery resorts,” where 24-hour professional care comes with beautiful hotels and pools in the stunning nature of the country.

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This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.