Every June, the Las Vegas desert comes alive with vivid colors, bright lights, and over 400,000 people for one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world. It can definitely be overwhelming for the first timer, but with these insider tips, you'll be a pro in no time. (Check out tips on the best places to stay in Vegas for EDC, too.)

Have Fun At EDC With These 10 Easy Tips

Image credit: Jay D/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Be smart with your wristband.

Wait to put your wristband on right before you board the EDC Las Vegas shuttle on the first night and make sure you don’t put it on too tight.

It can be really exciting when you get your ticket package in the mail, but do you really want to be wearing it for weeks before the festival? Or what if you put it on too tight? Don't worry. The wristbands are held in place by some teeth within the plastic and the easiest way to remove it is to insert a straw to loosening the teeth and slide the fabric out. If worse comes to worst, you can get a replacement band for $20.

2. Shuttle there and taxi back.

Shuttles are a one-hour ride each way, but waiting to get on the shuttle on the way back to your hotel in the morning could take several hours. If you buy a shuttle pass, use it for the way in and be sure to get in line 30 minutes before they start running to be on the first bus out. For the way back, take a taxi, and leave before sunrise. It'll cost you about $50 and only take about 30 minutes. Do not drive yourself. Parking and traffic are a nightmare and cops line the roads to catch drivers under the influence.

3. Pack ahead of time.

EDC won’t let you take anything in that’s not sealed. Seriously, everything including gum and chapstick must be sealed. Plan ahead by checking the prohibited items list and buying three of everything you need for each night of the festival.

4. Get comfortable sneakers.

By the time night two and three rolls around you're going to want some comfy shoes. Even sandals, flats, and converse won't cut it. Sneakers are the way to go.

5. Survey the land.

When you arrive and the sun is still out, take a look around to identify landmarks, pick a meeting spot, find the port-a-potties and the exit for shuttles and taxis. You'll be so thankful when you're exhausted and ready to go home.

6. Send text messages.

With so many people around, your cell service is going to be terrible. Don't expect any of your calls to go through, and change your message settings from iMessage to text message.

7. Stay healthy.

EDC can be brutal on your body when you're staying up and dancing all night long. Take your vitamins and drink way more water than you think you need.

8. Rent a locker with friends.

There should be plenty of room for a few friends to share a locker for the weekend, and split among a group of people, the $75 fee is well worth it. They'll give you a wristband with the combination and locker number, but take a picture of it with your phone just in case it rips off while you're dancing. The locker also makes a great meeting place, and each locker has a universal cell phone charger!

9. Stay hydrated.

You're in the middle of the desert dancing until the sun comes up and maybe even drinking. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to take care of yourself. Bottled water can be purchased for $4-5 dollars, but if you bring a reusable bottle or CamelBak, you can fill up for free at any of the water refill stations.

10. Make copies of your ID and credit cards.

Losing your stuff can ruin your entire weekend and it happen to anyone. Have copies of ID's and credit cards in your luggage and email pictures to your family or close friends that aren't going to EDC. Make sure to get the phone number on the back of your credit cards. It's also a good idea to bring both your ID and your passport. Carry one with you and leave the other in the hotel safe.

This article was written by Lauren Gaw.

Hero image: swimfinfan/Flickr CC-BY 2.0