Lollapalooza started in 1991 and it keeps getting bigger and better. Held in Chicago's Grant Park, this year's festival will take place from August 3r to 6th. With 8 stages, and 170+ bands from all over the world, every Lolla lineup makes hands wave, heads nod, and crowds holler. Here are 10 tips to getting the most out of your Lolla experience. You never know what will happen so all you can do is prepare for whatever adventure is headed your way and make sure that you have a great place to stay.

Follow These 10 Tips For The Best Lollapalooza Experience

Image credit: Liliane Callegari/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

1. Getting there

Luckily, Chicago is an easy travel destination, but you still want to book your tickets ASAP. Getting to the actual festival is also notoriously easy. You can walk through one of Grant Park's two main entrances (one on Congress & Michigan and the other on Columbus & Monroe) if you're staying at a hotel nearby. There is also a ton of public transportation available in Chicago. If you're driving yourself, there are four underground parking garages. There's also a safe haven to park your bike, and you can rent one there as well!

2. great place to stay

Lollapalooza provides a hotel finder on their website, but if you're in a large group or looking to save some cash, vacation rentals are a great option.

3. Wear comfortable shoes

You may be tempted to wear pretty sandals, especially for a Chicago summer, but Lollapalooza is definitely not the place to leave your toes unprotected. No one likes getting stepped on, not to mention the possibly muddy grounds and the fact that you'll be standing (and dancing) all day. Wear some comfortable booties or canvas shoes. Your feet will definitely thank you.

4. Get a proper bag

A backpack or crossbody bag is definitely the way to go. You'll be able to have your festival essentials on you at all times and keep your hands free for dancing. Just make sure to keep your wallet in a secure place. You can bring in an empty CamelBak, which is a good idea if you plan to dance for awhile.

5. Hit up the bodega

If you forgot something, there are two “bodegas” on Columbus Avenue at the Jackson and Balbo intersections. You can get all the essentials, from ponchos to lip balm to the ever crucial sunscreen.

6. Go cashless

You're going to spend some dough over the weekend, and no one likes to keep track of dollar bills. There are a few ATMs on the grounds but you're sure to hit long lines and high fees. Lolla Cashless allows you to register your wristband with a credit card, so that you can simply "tap" all of your purchases.

7. Check the weather

You can usually expect mild summer weather, but you never know. Rain is very common, and in 2012, Grant Park had to be evacuated for bad weather. Come prepared with a raincoat or poncho, sunglasses and sunscreen. An extra pair of socks is always a good idea too!

8. Pick a meeting place

You're going to get separated and someone's phone is bound to die. Pick a spot and a time to meet before the grounds get too packed.

9. Eat (and drink) up

Drink water constantly because passing out at a festival is the opposite of fun. A dehydration headache can also ruin your day. You'll also want to eat proper meals to stay fueled up for all that dancing. Lolla has some of Chicago's best eats at Chow Town. You can also easily walk to a restaurant to give your legs a break.

10. Live in the moment

Social media rules all our lives, but take this time to truly experience the festival. Snap a few photos but upload them later. You're not going to watch those iPhone videos later anyway, and it won't be the same as taking it in with your own two eyes.

This article was written by Lauren Gaw.