For many Americans, autumn goes hand-in-hand with apple pie. From charming Midwestern pie stands on the side of the road to a delicious slice a la mode at your favorite diner, there are many opportunities to celebrate this quintessential part of the fall season. These ten places in the U.S. serve up some of the very best apple pie in the country. If your travels are taking you to these places - or close by - it's worth making the trip to savor this moment!

The 10 Best Apple Pie Places In America

1. Pie Lab, Greensboro, Alabama

We all love pie, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to enjoy apple pie while also giving to a good cause? Well at Pie Lab, you can! Profits from the bakery go towards feeding and assisting the homeless population of Greensboro. On top of that, crisp pecans are mixed into the apple pie filling to give its warm, sugary goodness an extra crunch.

Address: 1317 Main Street, Greensboro, AL 36744

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2. Cowbell, New Orleans, Louisiana

This funky little roadside spot is run out of a converted gas station. The caramel and creme anglaise pairs well with a bold cup of New Orleans style cold brew coffee on those warm days in the early fall.

Address: 8801 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

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3. Lynden Dutch Bakery, Lynden, Washington

This roadside hole in the wall is the perfect place to stock up on America’s favorite treat when going to or from Canada. The apple pie is especially good when the fruit is in season, freshly trucked in from Eastern Washington where it grows in seemingly endless bushels!

Address: 421 Front Street, Lynden, WA 98264

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4. Petsi Pies, Somerville, Massachusetts

This must be a smart choice, what with it being within walking distance of Harvard University. Patrons have their choice of salted caramel apple, apple crumb, or a classic apple pie with a pastry crust. Those Harvard fall leaves are gorgeous shades of red and gold in the fall, and they pair beautifully with a hot slice of pie and a warm cup of cider. Cheers!

Address: 285 Beacon Street, Somerville, MA 02143

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5. Tom’s Fried Pies, Richland, Mississippi

Hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, because Tom’s fried pies, right outside of Jackson, are served right into your hands. This isn’t a problem, however, because these pies are finger licking good! These pies can be found on the roadside of U.S. 49 and pair well with rolled down windows, loud tunes, sunshine and the open road!

Address: 827 U.S. 49, Richland, MS 39218

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6. The Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery, Kimmswick, Missouri

How often do you get to eat a pie endorsed by Oprah Winfrey? How often do you get to describe a pie crust as ‘domed?’ Thats what you can expect at the Blue Owl, right outside of St. Louis, when your order the Levee High Caramel Pecan Apple Pie. 18 golden delicious apples make up this larger than life pie that rises at least a half foot out of the pan.

Address: 118 Market Street, Kimmswick, MO 63053

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7. Richardson’s Farm, Boscawen, New Hampshire

Picture yourself seated atop a tractor, the sun setting as a harvest festival kicks into full gear; hayrides, apple cider and all. You take a bite of delicious apple pie and there it is, there is that moment of simple bliss you have been looking for. You don’t have to look far at Richardson’s, where the fruit is fresh and the pie is always just out of the oven!

Address: 170 Water Street, Boscawen, NH 03303

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8. Tower Travel Center, Tower City, North Dakota

While this may be but a humble truckstop, they serve the best pie in the Dakotas. This place gives Long’s Drug Store a run for its money when it comes to folks planning their entire trip just so they can stop by Tower Travel.

Address: 101 Maiden Lane, Tower City, ND 58071

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9. Sugar Pie Bakery, Charleston, West Virginia

These are pies worth climbing the appalachians for. Homemade crusts and rich apple fillings make this rustic encounter a delight for all the senses.

Address: 3624 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Charleston, WV 25304

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10. Southern Sweets, Decatur, Georgia

Georgia may be known for its peaches, but these apple pies are out to change that. There’s no ceiling on these pies, meaning that the filling ascends in a large stack without a top crust to hold it down. Just one less step as you dig into this magnificent Southern extravaganza.

Address: 186 Rio Circle, Decatur, GA 30030

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This article was written by Nic Shipley.