The sign of balance, Libras need a mix of relaxing and mingling on their vacations. These fair individuals avoid conflict, making them ideal travel companions, which works out perfectly because Libras love to travel with others. Libras aren’t just peacekeepers, however, they’re also known for their artisticness and style, and love outdoor exercise, so they can talk while working out. Here are a few destinations perfect for Libras when planning your next adventure.

Top 10 World Travel Destinations For A Libra

1. Napa Valley, California

There’s no better way to get in quality time with friends or a significant other than on a trip dedicated to wine tasting. As a bonus, Libras can go for some early morning hikes in the California nature before hitting the vineyards.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Social Libras will love the open friendliness of the South, and Charleston is a place where cordiality meets stylish charm and culture. Peaceful Libras will also welcome the slowed-down pace of life in the South, even in a city as big as this one.

3. Florence, Italy

Nothing says art quite like Italy, and there’s no better city than the birthplace of the Renaissance itself for the artistic Libra. The air sign will enjoy visiting the many museums in the city, after which they can retire to a cafe to people watch and discuss the art they just saw.

4. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Even in stressful situations, Libras keep a cool head, making them perfect backpacking companions. For a southeast Asia backpacking trip, start in Cambodia and hit neighboring Vietnam, Thailand and Laos.

5. Mykonos, Greece

Libras are social in different ways but for some, nightlife is the best way to meet and spend time with others. That’s why they’ll love Mykonos, a beautiful Greek isle with plenty of outdoor activities to partake in by day and plenty of parties to partake in by night.

6. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

There’s no better place to recharge and reconnect than a dude ranch, where Libras can unplug from technology and instead devote their energy to those around them. Close quarters with the other groups staying at these facilities — and shared fishing trips, horseback rides, and barbecues — also just about guarantees new friendships for social Libras.

7. San Diego, California

A great mix of urban environment and nature, San Diego has plenty of restaurants and bars for Libras to frequent by night, particularly in the Gaslamp Quarter, after they’ve checked out the parks, beaches, and a zoo during the day.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a city that effortlessly blends hustle and bustle with a zen, calming mindset — similar to Libras themselves.

9. Seattle, Washington

Another great blend of city and nature, Seattle has all the traps of a big city (including the traffic) while mountains to hike and ski at are just a short drive away. Libras will enjoy the bar scene of the trendy Capitol Hill district after nightfall, and the hiking views of neighboring Issaquah during the sunrise.

10. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has everything a Libra looks for in a travel destination: friendly people, interesting art museums, beautiful architecture, and an active social scene. Whether tanning on the beach, visiting La Sagrada Familia, or checking out the Pablo Picasso museum, Libras will have the time of their lives.

This article was written by Isabella Sayyah.