Since the holiday is during an extended weekend, there is ample time to host one, two, or a few get-togethers to celebrate Memorial Day. From hosting barbecues and baking contests to reenacting history and creating themed arts and crafts, activities are abundant for your holiday party. Here are several fun things to do.

Try These 10 Fun Memorial Day Party Ideas This Year

1. Go on a retreat to a lake or beach

Throughout the country, lakes and beaches host spectacular events in honor of the holiday. Lake George in New York boasts a breathtaking Memorial Day fireworks display over the lake. Across the nation at Hermosa Beach, California, the city holds its annual Fiesta Hermosa which includes a three-day weekend fair with live musical performances, an art walk, and petting zoo.

2. Have a barbecue

Similar to Independence Day celebrations, a good, old-fashioned barbecue is a classic way to observe Memorial Day. Gather around the grill with hot dogs, burgers, and ribs and savor marvelous food with friends and family.

3. Create flag-themed arts and crafts

Image credit: bigskyred/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

Get crafty with kid-friendly art projects featuring red, white, and blue materials. Make streamers, paper lanterns, and finger paintings to use as decorations for your Memorial Day party, and save them for your upcoming Fourth of July gathering.

4. Screen a movie outdoors

Image credit: Timothy Vollmer/Flickr CC-BY 2.0

When’s the last time you watched a film underneath the stars? Enjoy a unique movie experience outdoors with three items: a movie projector, white sheet, and wall. Simply hang the sheet onto the wall, and project the film onto it. From poignant documentaries to American war dramas, the selection of movies to commemorate servicemen and women are plentiful.

5. Enjoy a night of karaoke

Few activities bring people together like karaoke. Sing along to patriotic tunes that make you proud to be an American. Whether your karaoke party occurs indoors in a media room or outdoors with a sheet and projector, the music will set a vibrant mood to liven up any celebration.

6. Hold a baking competition

The sweetest Memorial Day gatherings have the best desserts. What better way to assemble a spread of the most satisfying treats than with a bake off? Decorate your pastries, pies, and cakes with colorful berries and whipped cream to make them festive.

7. Have an afternoon tea party

Do a throwback to the American Revolution with a Boston tea party-inspired event. While you may not want to waste tea by tossing it into a harbor, you can preserve the revolutionary spirit with an afternoon tea spread. If you choose to hold a baking contest, the pastries would pair well with an assortment of full-bodied teas.

8. Throw a red poppy-themed get-together

Red poppies have become a popular icon of remembrance for servicemen and women. Show gratitude and solidarity with a highly symbolic flower. You can even pass the poppies out to passersby so they can also commemorate the brave people who fought for freedom.

9. Host a historical reenactment

A reenactment of a historic event or period could serve as an educational opportunity for kids or an opportunity for a fun dress-up. The food could also be era-specific to add some authenticity to the atmosphere of the event.

10. Play “The Name Game”

Also called “Forehead Detective,” The Name Game is when players write the name of a famous person on a sticky note and place it in a hat or bag. Each participant then blindly selects a note to place on their forehead. Then all of the players speak to each other in a way to help them guess the celebrity’s name that is written on their forehead’s note. For example, if someone had a “George Washington” sticky note, you may ask them about cherry trees or their presidency to help them realize that the George’s name is on their forehead.

This article was written by Justina Tran.