Spring break will be here before you know it, especially for all you college students. There are a lot of popular places to go this year, but in this article we are going to focus on the top ten spring break beaches in Southern California. Beautiful, warm, and reliably sunny, you will love relaxing and having fun at these beaches.

Spend Spring Break At These 10 Southern California Beaches

1. Laguna Beach


This is a great place to go for anyone who loves art. It is a very fashionable area with many art galleries, museums, restaurants, and shops that you can visit all year round. Spring break is the time when tons of cool events happen -- check out everything that the city has to offer here.

Laguna Beach

2. Laguna Beach


If you’re looking for a great time you’ll never forget, Venice Beach is the biggest party beach in SoCal. With the interesting, electric-feeling vibe at Venice Beach, there is no chance that you could ever be bored during your stay. Aside from the party animals, Venice Beach is known for their canals, just like in Venice, Italy. It is definitely worth checking out, and maybe even taking a boat tour.

Laguna Beach

3. Laguna Beach


This is one of the most diverse beaches in SoCal because it attracts all walks of life. From glamorous sun-tanners to chilled-out surfers, you’ll have nothing but stories to tell if you decide to spend your spring break here. This is also where you’ll find some of SoCal’s biggest waves. To top it off, the nightlife in the area is always booming. You’re sure to make memories to last a lifetime if you spend your spring break here.

Laguna Beach

4. Laguna Beach

santa monica.jpg

Although the beach might be one of the most populated, the Santa Monica Pier is a must-go destination when planning your spring break in SoCal. You'll enjoy the amazing shops and beautiful sunsets, and the pier offers great food, activities, and entertaining people. Also Santa Monica Beach is one of the closest beaches to downtown Los Angeles. Catch an Uber, and you’ll find a plethora of nightclubs and bars.

Laguna Beach

5. Laguna Beach


This is one of the most famous beaches in SoCal, and definitely the most popular. It also has well-known restaurants very close that you have to try. Manhattan Beach is also known for their sand and sand dunes. So many things happening on this side of town, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Laguna Beach

6. Laguna Beach


This beach is blessed with 21 miles of coastline, and has great surrounding landscapes including some beautiful mountains. There are so many great places at this beautiful beach with great views, and a perfect spot to celebrity hunt. Be careful though, Malibu has several private beaches, so make sure you’re only going to public beaches...unless you have private access!

Laguna Beach

7. Laguna Beach

la jolla.jpg

Heading south of L.A., La Jolla Beach is the most famous beach in San Diego. It’s a family-friendly beach, and also the beach with some of the calmest waters in SoCal. There also is a ban on fishing, so you can swim without having to worry about getting caught in nets. Have fun renting stand-up paddleboards and snorkeling gear and seeing what's in the water.

Laguna Beach

8. Laguna Beach


Known as the place “where the city meets the surf,” this beach has it all: calm conditions, perfect surfing waves, beach events, and even family-fun activities. City Beach amenities include fire rings, beach volleyball courts, a paved bike trail, decent public restrooms, cold-water showers, and beach concessions. Nothing beats ice cream on the beach, after all!

Laguna Beach

9. Laguna Beach


This beach is known as the most popular beach to bring dogs. It has an incredibly calm vibe, and attracts the more laid-back type vacation-goer. If you’re looking to chill by the beach in peace, this place is for you. You might even spot some cute puppies playing in the water.

Laguna Beach

10. Laguna Beach


This beach has a great boardwalk and is also perfect for surfing. This beach tends to have a lower population, so you can be more active without running into anyone by accident. It’s the ideal destination beach for bikers, joggers, and rollerbladers.

Laguna Beach

This article was written by Kevin Burrows.