It’s all about location, location, location, especially when it comes to catching Pokémon. The good news is that there’s a ton of advice out there on when, where and how you can catch ‘em all. Just to add another list to the bunch, here are 10 of our top picks on the best places to catch Pokémon in the world.

Where In The World To Catch The Most Pokemon

1. London, England

London is already famous for its historic buildings and monuments. Now, with Pokéstops located in these very landmarks, London has become our very own Viridian City. There are Pokéstops on almost every street corner, and rare Pokémon lurking in several of London’s top tourist attractions. Supposedly, the top four attractions in the world to find rare Pokémon are all in London. Rumor has it that there are elusive Hitmonlee or Koffing in the Tower of London, and Snorlax and Geodude chilling at Regent’s Park.

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2. New York City, New York

When it comes to Pokémon Go, urban is good. Apparently, Pokémon have higher spawn rates in densely populated areas. That’s why New York City is the perfect destination to catch ‘em and level up. You’ll find plenty of Pokémon while exploring your favorite city haunts. Central Park, MoMA, Radio City Music Hall and the Plaza Hotel have all been cited as Pokémon central.

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3. Tokyo, Japan

Japanese reporters took to the streets to see who could catch the most Pokémon around town. One reporter came back with 88 Pokémon in 6 hours! He covered a little under 10 miles, which came out to about 20,000 steps. It turns out that the best places to catch Pokémon are the tourist hotspots. Tokyo’s peaceful shrines and bustling shopping districts are great escapes for people and Pokémon, too. You’ll find plenty of Pokémon on the grounds of Meiji Jingu, and come across rare finds near Tokyo Midtown and Tokyo Tower.

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4. Orlando, Florida

It appears that Pokémon also enjoy spending time at the happiest place on ear. You can find hundreds of these virtual creatures hanging out at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida. There’s a Pokéstop takeover starting from Disney Springs, aka Downtown Disney. Don’t be too surprised if you find a Pokémon or two hanging along for a ride inside the amusement park. Find the attraction with the gym at the end, and you might even get your Pokémon to level up.

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5. Los Angeles, California

Sunny days almost all year long make for a great destination to catch Pokémon. It’s as if these little characters at Santa Monica Pier, LACMA and Exposition Park Rose Garden want you to enjoy a scenic stroll under the sun. Enjoy it, indeed. When you’re not catching rare water Pokémon along the pier, enjoy the boardwalk and sandy shore of the beaches near Los Angeles, California.

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6. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is great in and of itself, with attractions like Wrigley Field, Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum. The fact that these sights are also Pokéstops just adds another reason to visit the city. The game has become a way for tourists to befriend locals, and strangers to become friends. Pokémon Go has become so popular in Chicago that thousands of people attended the first local meetup. For a true bonding experience with other Pokémon lovers, head for Grant Park, where you might come away with a few new Pokémon and a lot of new friends.

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7. Rome, Italy

If you visit the Colosseum in Rome, you’ll catch Pokémon with cool names like Espeon, Umbreaon and Makuhita. Is it any wonder that the people of Rome, both young and old, have fallen into the Pokémon craze? In a beautiful city like Rome, Pokémon Go is giving residents just one more reason to revisit their city’s sights.

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8. Sydney, Australia

People in Sydney are taking their enthusiasm for Pokémon Go to a whole other level. It’s hard not to get excited when the Opera House is now a gym and Pokémon are popping up all over the place. Head for Sydney if you’re looking for fellow Pokémon buffs. Locals recently had an unauthorized Pokémon Go Walk, when thousands of Sydney folks flocked to the waterfront. They sure know what it means to put up a united front.

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9. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England

There’s no telling where these virtual creatures will pop up. There have been several sightings of Pokémon at Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument built over 5,000 years ago. Here’s a chance one of the wonders of the world, and catch an Eevee to boot.

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10. Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal has been around since the 1600s. That’s not as long as Stongehenge, but it definitely holds a lot of history. Clearly, Pokémon have no qualms about romping through the old wonders of the world because they can be seen—and caught—at this UNESCO World Heritage site. The Taj Mahal is one of the best places to catch Pokémon because it’s also an absolute treasure trove of art and artistry hard to find anywhere else.

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This article was written by Hanna Choi.