March is a tough time in a cold climate. You've already made it through the gray of November, the snows of December, January and February, and now it's March and you're still not getting enough sun. Thinking of adopting the snowbird lifestyle but don’t know where to go? We have some great ideas for you - between both humid and dry locations, these are some of the best cities to call home for those cold winter months.

10 Balmy Destinations For Snowbirds In March

1. Bullhead City, Arizona

Located on the Colorado River, Bullhead City is a great location for people looking for a good, and growing, community that enjoys its water sports. Fishing is popular in the river and Lake Mohave nearby has space to enjoy boating of all types. The winters are dry and mild in temperature and it’s easily accessible from Las Vegas - which means that a trip into the city to enjoy the Vegas entertainment is still reasonable and if family wants to visit they can fly into the city, have a little fun, and drive down through some great desert scenes.

2. Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Snowbirds of Arizona love to rave about the beauty of Lake Havasu, so the city right next to it is a prime location to set up camp in the winter months. Boasting of 300 days of sun and copious amounts of watercraft and fishing for everything from bass to catfish, this is the active water snowbird’s dream location. Of course, Lake Havasu draws in crowds of all ages, which means that there really is fun for the whole family when they decide to visit. They can fly straight into the small city airport, or fly into Las Vegas or Phoenix and take a 2-3 hour drive to get to your spot.

3. Tucson, Arizona

If you’re looking for Arizona’s dry climate, but more to do than outdoor activities, Tucson may be a great landing spot for you. This larger community congregates around 10 historic districts as well as a fantastic local art scene in both visual and fine arts. The winters will welcome you and your family into dry temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s as you fly into the local airport. The views are stunning with the surrounding mountains and desert plant life, and interesting architecture is a guarantee as you find your space in this city.

4. Orlando, Florida

Being one of the number one family destinations in the world, Orlando is a great place to stop on your snowbird escapades if you want to enjoy visits from relatives throughout the entire winter season. Activities and theme parks here are popular and get crowded during holidays, but having the opportunity to get to those parks with the family in January or February are good times to go. While humidity decreases in winter, there is still humidity enough to make the weather feel warmer with mid 70’s throughout the winter months.

5. Key West, Florida

This island is just one of Florida’s many destinations for the beach loving snowbirds. With winter temperatures ranging from 75-80 degrees degrees, these beaches are a great escape from those dark, grey northern winters. The family won’t be able to resist flying into Key West International Airport to enjoy a vacation with you with the beautiful weather and activities available on the island. The island has an array of historic museums, a public golf course, and ample opportunities for saltwater fishing and snorkeling.

6. La Quinta, California

If your dream destination includes golf, consider La Quinta, as it has over 20 exceptional golf courses. This California dream claims to have 340 days each year without rain, which means that the golfing can happen year round. The winter days are warm, with temperatures in the 70’s, with cooler evenings, with a more arid feel due to the surrounding mountains. The family can easily fly into San Diego or Los Angeles and drive 2-2.5 hours to enjoy some beautiful hiking, biking or take advantage of those golf courses with you.

7. Corpus Christi, Texas

On the Gulf of Mexico, Corpus Christi is the 2nd more popular vacation spot in Texas. Flying into the city, you’ll notice endless beaches that feature a large variety of restaurants, seaside shopping, and promenades. Between the beaches, the golf courses, and the arts and museum district, it would be hard to get bored in this lovely city. The winter weather includes some rain and temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s.

8. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville, also on the Texas coast, has a lot to offer the many snowbirds that flock to it each winter. Since the closest, larger cities are more inland, Brownsville has its own small airport in which you might fly if you’re not up for the 4 hour drive from San Antonio. Being on the gulf, the climate is more tropical, staying mostly in the 70’s through the winter months, and offers a great home to many exotic birds making the wildlife viewing a part of the casual culture. Beaches, golf courses, and museums give plenty of options for both you and your family as you visit this growing city.

9. San Carlos, Mexico

If you’re looking for to escape beyond the United States, San Carlos, Mexico, is a great option. The city is safe and English is widely spoken making the cultural explorations here enjoyable even if you don’t speak a second language. The cost of living here isn’t too high, so you’ll get to enjoy the humid 60’s through the winter months with less expense than many of the cities in the states. Nature lovers enjoy the accessibility to fishing, snorkeling, hiking and whale watching that can be found here. You can fly into the city or drive yourself in your car or RV to enjoy this great snowbird destination.

10. Belize City, Belize

For the truly adventurous, and tropic seeking, snowbirds, Belize City is one of the best stops out there. There is a large expat community that has found its way down here, and online exchanges make it easy to find lodging options as well as tips for your snowbird experience. The 80 degree weather and beautiful views are just great additions to the great cost of living one can find in Belize. The ocean waters are warm and the sand is soft making beach life one of the biggest highlights here. *It should be noted that while many basic medicines can be found exotic snowbird destinations, those with greater medical needs may need to stay closer to the US in order to have the care they need accessible.

Did we miss a great snowbird destination? Let us know and tell us about your favorite spot!

This article was written by Kimberly Cowan.