Blessed with loaded amounts of energy and the need for constant mental stimulation, Aquarians prefer to have a packed schedule while on the road. They are unconventionally, free spirited folks who often find solace in people-friendly places filled with rich doses of spirituality, serenity, and harmony. As an air sign, Aquarius beings crave the numerous rich and varied experiences that traveling has been known to offer. And because they bear a compassionate side as well, these humanitarian-like Water Bearers doubly delight in destinations offering ways for them to feed their social conscience. They love to give back while traveling abroad-- thus, eco-friendly hotspots, as well as unlikely and unknown-about travel sites that cannot be found via typical guidebooks or tourist trails are most ideal.

It’s been said that the Aquarius prides itself on being unique and different--- whether it be in dress, thought, behavior, or even travel destination. So think unexplored landscapes and areas shrouded with age-old mystery, places where you can travel to on a whim without getting too caught up with pesky planning details. Be free to roam and search the wonderful world surrounding you. Here are the top spots around the globe for Aquarius individuals to travel to.

10 Great Travel Destinations For An Aquarius

1. Anchorage, Alaska

These January and February Water Bearers enjoy meeting new people and always avoid tourist traps like the plague. They seek out the unique in every single vacation they plan to take, always aiming to make it as quirky, one-of-a-kind, and full of adventure as absolutely possibly. Eco-trips to this South Central Alaskan hotspot is perfect for that "inner-maverick" wanting to do things differently.

Take a floatplane, tackle a 50-pound salmon, celebrate two-week Fur Rendezvous or dogsledding festivals with the locals, tour the fjords of Prince William Sound, or trek over the permanently snow-capped mountains and volcanoes of the steep Chugach Range. There’s tons of culture, sophistication, and stunning natural beauty in this large port city, which despite its coastal location, has a much more moderate temperature than most would think—averaging about sixty-five degrees in summertime, making it the ideal location for sight-seeing or taking on traditional Alaskan opportunities. Arctic biking, anyone?

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

For a good dose of rich history, as well as the chance to breath in some mysterious Incan ruins, travel to this Peruvian citadel where mountaintops and archaeological wonders are all around. It’s an awe-inspiring ancient city that was nearly forgotten about until the early 20th century—a historic marvel of mortal free limestone perched atop a high plateau deep in the Amazonian jungle.

Today, the South American hotspot sees a heavy tourist influx each year, especially from May to September, due to the air of grandeur is continues to give off. Bring along that telescope while checking out the open hilltop spaces within those deep Andes Mountains. Try a train ride from Cusco or, for those more daring Aquarians, make an on-foot trip via a multi-day hiking trail. If you choose the latter, you’re bound to see the stars dazzle more brightly than they would anywhere else in the world.

3. Silicon Valley, California

More often than not, an Aquarian wants to change the world-- they’re the revolutionary, the genius, the scientist, the eccentric artist, the truth-sayer, and the ultimate inventor. They question rules that seem too rigid or constricting and are always looking to “give back” to the society that surrounds them. So it really is not surprise that this Northern Californian technology and research hub is a fitting inspiration for any innovative and visionary Aquarius being.

Eccentric souls can engage in tours of the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose and the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, as well as long walks through the spectacular campus of Stanford University near Palo Alto. Plus, there’s also a host of big name tech headquarters to visit. Let’s not forget the ‘HP Garage’—which may seem like nothing more than a humble wooden shack on the three-hundred block of Addison Avenue—but just so happens to be the very birthplace of ‘Silicon Valley’ itself. It’s the world’s first high-technology region and continues, to this day, to herald the 21st century of cyber living.

4. Lapland, Finland

For the enchanting Northern Lights, go to the Land of the Midnight Sun--- a.k.a. Finland, which for the most part, is something close to an utopian paradise for all Aquarius individuals. It’s a thoroughly modern welfare state with well-planned out cities and towns, along with pristine landscapes, awesome latitudes (especially at Nuorgam, the northernmost point), and vast spaces of ripe wilderness to explore and breathe in.

It’s also a hub of modern technology, as well as the home of Lapland's Ylläs (Finland’s largest ski resort), with over sixty-one slopes to pick and choose from. This remote Artic region on the Scandinavian Peninsula offers a wintry, European experience that’ll fulfill any Aquarian’s childhood fantasy. It will for sure cast on travelers, a magically powerful spell that’ll haunt the imagination and memory for years to come.

5. Berlin, Germany

People born under the eleventh astrological sign are often curious types who are interested in politics and humanitarian activities—thus, countries that have been through historically great changes are a must-go-to for these revolutionary souls. One of the best destinations for Aquarians is Berlin, which offers not just an exciting political past to revel in, but plenty of galleries and museums to explore as well.

The strong intellectual minds and humanitarian instincts of water carriers will no doubt be satiated by this edgy German city—which continues to undergo rapid social change even in this day and age. The Berlin Wall stands as a sobering reminder of the hyper-charged postwar atmosphere. Yet the ample amounts of graffiti art covering its remnants symbolizes all the progress that is being made. Aquarians will love checking out the Weltzeituhr Clock (which is topped by a model of the solar system), or turning back time by dining at the historic Zur Letzten Instanz (a 16th century restaurant frequented by the likes of Beethoven and Napoleon). It’s a truly addicting city with both glamorous and gritty sides that’ll mesmerize any Aqua being to their very inner core.

6. Orlando, Florida

Doing anything too ordinary or going anywhere too touristy will bore dear Aquarius individuals to the bone-- so it’s important to keep these water carriers excited with a highly adventurous vacation. Orlando is the place to go, with places such as the Florida Kennedy Space Center, the Great Barrier reef, or, for little Aquarians, the Magic Kingdom and Disney World's Epcot Center.

This Central Floridian hotspot sparkles with the promise of unruly fun. Spend a day giggling with dolphins at SeaWorld, or screaming your head off on a roller coaster ride at Universal Studios. For those wanting a little more ‘alone’ time, be sure to enjoy the quiet natural beauty of the Harry P. Leu Gardens, or enjoy a soothing seaweed scrub at any one of the many luxury day spas. Plus, there’s always tons of fresh and local ingredients to chow down on at one of the many James Beard-nominated restaurants in town. There’s nothing ordinary about this place. Head on over Aquarians!

7. Petra, Jordan

Located in southern Jordan, it’s one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, offering breathtaking sights of intricately carved stone edifices that are as exquisite as they are sublime. It also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides at the very least, two full days of sightseeing through impressive rose-red canyons and mind blowing desert facades.

This historical wonder is an apt destination for any Aquarian. What’s more is that it just so happens to showcase several astonishing engineering accomplishments (i.e. an innovative water management system) all throughout its friendly neighborhood towns. Expand your minds with a trip to this quirky, alluring, and one-of-a-kind ancient region. Plus, it’s one of the safest havens to travel to in the Middle East right now, as surrounding areas continue to face political conflicts, as well as the challenges of modernization and growing urbanization.

8. Long Island, New York

Aquarians love things that are unique and uncommon more than anything else- something that’s off the wall and unconventional, something peculiar that’ll blow their minds for sure. You need to be in spots that drive culture and tickle the periphery of social growth, that can propel change and do things just a bit differently. Weird and funky is your game, which makes this power-centric New York city a perfect place for scientific Aquarians wanting to delight in something like the future home of the Tesla Science Center Museum at Wardenclyffe, the site of Nikola Tesla’s former lab.

It’s a fast-paced urban area featuring not one but two shores offering vastly different sceneries—the South Shore, with its powdery white sand coastlines, bustling Nautical Mile, and venerable Montauk Point Lighthouse, or the North Shore, with its grand Gold Coast mansions, majestic rocky bluffs, and charming Greenport Village. This island town is definitely a treasure house for swimmers, surfers, sailors, and sunbathers alike. It also happens to be an area that carries a long and fascinating history (before being settled by Europeans in the 17th century, it was occupied by thirteen Native American tribes including, Rockaway, Merric, Montauk, and Manhasset. The North Shore also became the playground for famous families like the Vanderbilts, Whitneys, and Roosevelts!). Aquarians sure won’t find themselves standing still for too long on this vast space of new homes, commercial districts, and old village centers with historic sites and museums that continue preserving its rich heritage.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona

A vacation in the great outdoors is always a good choice for Aquarians looking to relish in an offbeat trip to an unexplored destination. This vast Arizonian natural wonder offers the ultimate experience Aqua beings are looking for—one that’ll fulfill their desire for independent exploration as well as their need to understand the science behind it all.

Drive along the South Rim and take in some stellar viewpoints, or plan a stop at The Cameron Trading Post for some local Navajo tacos. Why not enter the park from the east to stop along the Little Colorado River Gorge and or to explore Desert View and Grandview Point along the East Rim? Even a short trip to this ruggedly red American landmark can be rewarding for Aquarius beings craving a quick escape from the daily nine-to-five grind. Go. Now.

10. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Located in northern Tanzania, it’s Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest freestanding mountain. That alone, makes it a must-see for curious-minded folks like Aquarians. Plus, global warming continues to affect the sensitive climate of this ecological hotspot-- the snowcapped peak of Kilimanjaro is in constant danger due to its closeness to the equator. This, of course, is yet another adequate reason for humanitarian Aquarius individuals to take up a such an incredibly important cause. Visit this Tanzanian wonder to “give back” to the world, all while enjoying a delightful hike through lush rainforests and alpine meadows along the way. It’s a win-win for all.

This article was written by Pamela Chan.