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  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom


IN, , ! 1. 88 : 1000-2100 1500-900 / KTV++xbox+++RP++ //20/ 900820 *1/*1 1 2 8, , , 915 58/+10/ //// 10:00-210015:00-9:00 18 / :180 2 150018 Internal briefing room Hitech Thames on the town's famous tourist attractions, small time shooting, may wish to use their spare time to taste of summer style feature of the town! [welfare] Latest Offers 1 student with more than half of the number of student card, will enjoy 88% off room rate discount! Can accommodate field: Field day 10: 00-21: 00 Overnight field 15: 00 the next day at 9:00 Location / landmark sign [Villa features] Play cafe look here: network music library family KTV singing non-stop + theater projector audio system to really experience + somatosensory xbox hundreds of games to play fun + quintessence essence automatic mahjong table to two + home party essential desktop football joy collision + massive chess board game IQ test RP + billiard let you show virtuosity + curling tables show you a rapid response eat goods look here: Standard kitchen equipment / Youyanjiangcu available / 20 cup servings appliances / refreshment drinks Caters Control details see here: Villa Address: Three New North Road, Songjiang District, Lane 900, No. 820 Thames Town Accommodation: The master bedroom * 1 / * 1 double second bedroom a single bed two tatami 8 Peripheral support: Located in the town of Thames, near the small time shooting, shops, England wind around villa features keywords to describe: 6106 Annual Meeting of carnival-style building Transportation [Traffic Line] Under the Metro Line 9, Songjiang University Town Station three new North Station under Philip Cheung Road, Songjiang 15 Road Surrounding life support [Additional Services] What to eat? We to buy: BBQ pot: two hours you can eat unlimited! 58 yuan / person, + 10 yuan / person to get soft drinks! What to drink? We are ready: High-end wine, red wine, beer, cola smooth cool, there are all kinds of cocktails seasonal special tone pattern, there is always the same meet your needs! What to play? We customize: Thames villa best suited to do: Company annual meeting; others can do: Birthday Party / friends gathering / graduation farewell /'s annual meeting / business dinner Nearby Attractions [Why twenty-nine faction] industry pioneer: Shanghai and the country's most professional entertainment home party experience, only a formal team party entertainment company pioneer! professional attitude: We will not send you to find a part-time casual party. Every game home party has a professionally trained butler for your caring service! We do not catch the eye for a cheap compromise our quality Focus Experience: Our villa inside someone every day to clean and maintain, our entertainment concept through a field of H lie constantly updated, improved, upgraded! We have the most pure party experience, as well as real homely warmth! Other [Note] About Leasing Round Date: Day games: 10: 00-21: 00; overnight field: 15: 00 the next day at 9:00 When such as overtime or Canada, according to a full hour superimposed calculated by dividing the price after 18 hours. About Schedule: villa to deposit prevail, leaving only one hour of paid time for guests. For more than two weeks unsubscribe deposit back half. For unsubscribe within two weeks, the deposit is not refundable. Villa can not be changed once the booking schedule and venues. About Invoice: issuing business services / rental invoice, subject to five percent of the taxes. Mailed within one week after the event. About Number: Each villa number of activities beyond the critical point of the villa, each exceeding a person subject to 80 yuan, up to a limited number of the villa is not exceeded. About Diet: not allowed inside the villa comes with alcoholic beverages. Unopened drinks can not be taken away by the villa. Villa BBQ or pot limit for two hours unlimited buffet, to be ordered before all the activities staff. About the venue: Pets are not allowed inside the venue. Patients with infectious diseases do not receive. If human activities in the loss of housing, furniture damaged, destroyed sanitation, etc. , human activities are responsible for compensation. Venue guests' valuables safekeeping your own, be sure to check before leaving on their own. Venue to pay admission at least 1500 yuan deposit, the end of the event if there is no damage to the full refund. All the consumer to pay cash within the venue. ID card to enter the venue need to carry a 18-year-old or more


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