Beautiful chalet in Penedo

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Beautiful chalet with fireplace, kitchen service area, 2 balconies, 2 bedrooms, bay windows, mezzanine, toilet, bathroom with luxury shower and electric shower, ground 1300m with stones, stream into the ground, the cottage this 50m waterfall three basins, very green, tranquility, clean air, security, contact with nature. Easy access to Paraiso, Meets well up to 8 people comfortably. Even accept small animals bearing History of Penedo - By Talitha Square (Nose of India). Finnish immigration to Penedo, then district of Resende, differs essentially from the others who come to Brazil. They do not seek here the Nordic material wealth, not to Brazil, as it was common to Iberians; do not leave their land for political persecution or fleeing religious or racial neuroses. They are, at the time, position of persons defined in Finland: agricultural technicians, experts in architecture design, builders, gymnasts, farmers, massage therapists, teachers and others. They live a life without major difficulties materials, among friends and family. They are Protestant-luteranas. Alegres roots in groups, get together and sing their native songs and hymns. Sensitive, play musical instruments, piano, violin, organ, kantele (a kind of zither). They play and sing. Leads this immigration a visionary - a poet - agricultural, scholar of soil, plants, nature, highly mystical person, a faith as the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. This man is Toivo Uuskallio. Sit it sent the spirit to other lands, the South, where they could live closer to nature and group work. Charismatic leader, he traces as walking the search for supporters to his cause of immigration and it has the support of the Lutheran pastor Pennanem. Meetings, debates, proposals submission, and part of a small group of five Finns, coming to Rio de Janeiro in 1927. With him comes his wife Liisa, strong personality, which will become mainstay in the colony, and more Frans Fagerlund, Enok Nyberg and Eino Kajander. Marvel with the natural beauty of Rio, accommodate in a German pension to the street Riachuelo, enroll in Berlitz school to learn Portuguese in intensive course. Already with a minimum basic vocabulary, traveling by train to Barra Mansa, where, by appointment of the manager of the pension, will all work in the Three Wells Farm, owned by the Monastery of St. Benedict. Barra Mansa is just making acquaintance with the earth, but the main objective is to search for an appropriate place for shopping, community establishment and putting into practice their ideals. In 1929, after passing through Itatiaia and visit farms in Sao Paulo, Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, tickling each of Finance Penedo, also owned by the Monastery of St. Benedict. Near Town, with 3, 500 hectares, 2, 000 forest, pure water, cut by streams, various altitudes, allowing cultivation of tropical and European plants, built its own headquarters and can accommodate those who arrived, this was the place. Buy yourself Fazenda Penedo. The pastor encourages Penanem in Finland the coming of more fans. The newspapers report comes in 1929 and already a second group. Later disembark most Finns, received at the pier with songs and roses. Still others come later, with the colony already fixed. The Benedictines had explored the land with coffee, exploitation of firewood and charcoal, and with the coffee fall, cattle. Hence the hills became grazing and there was no trace of the surrounding rainforest. (. ) The soil on the plain was drained, and the ants exterminated all. And there were mosquitoes, the unexpected tropical flooding. Need to do redo the soil and persist. Against all fighting the Finns to find products possible to plant the land worked: corn, sweet potatoes, vegetables, banana trees and even flowers. Toivo Suni, already in the colony, built in 1930, the first house as a model to others. Suni will be highlighted later as a great artist, after the arrival in 1948, the Czech painter Ian Zach, who is established in the colony to resign from the post of cultural attaché of your country


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