is the largest search engine for pet friendly lettings
With over 300,000 pet friendly rentals in over 18,000 cities around the world, is the premier site for pet friendly vacation and short-term rentals. From scenic beach rentals to cozy cottages, you can find pet friendly accommodations to match any need or budget on Forget the hassle of kennels or pet-sitters and take your furry friend with you on the next holiday break.
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Benefits of staying in pet friendly lettings
Between kennels, pet-sitters, dog walkers, and hotel pet fees, you can save hundreds by choosing a pet friendly rental on your next trip. Vacation homes often provide more space indoors and outdoors for your pet to roam freely, reducing the chance of an accident or mess while you are out. If you’d like a ‘home away from home’ feel on your next trip - in a place where you can cook, lounge, and snuggle up with your dog or cat - a vacation rental is for you.
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