Seven C's OBX - new oceanfront condo mile post 7. 2 - pool Nags Head - KDH

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms


WE LOVE THE STAIRS! I was asking my fiancee what we love best about this unit. Here is our top 10 (David Letterman style - because we are old)

10) Mile post 7. 2 - right in the heart of Nags Head. They call this millionaire's row because of location, location, location. This unit is dead center of the Nags head area and travel or Uber is always the shortest route

9) Parking - it's great. Most people come with 1 vehicle and that leaves an additional 15 guest spots. Every unit has a reserved parking spot so its nice to have the additional 15 guest spots

8) elevator - you really don't appreciate an elevator until you stay in a place for a week without one and you have to walk up and down flights of stairs with bags of groceries

7) washer/dryer in unit - not much fun to operate a coin fed community washers. We are happy to have a stackable washer/dryer in the unit

6) Real cable with TV's in every bedroom, wifi and decent cable package that includes HBO, Showtime, etc

5) Beautiful community pool: the pool in gorgeous and perfect for any pool lover. One nice feature that we enjoy is the last 2 hours of the day. The 4 story condo building casts a shadow over the pool where there is still light but no harmful rays. Perfect for vampires

4) King beds in each bedroom. I just don't understand why anyone would ever not have king beds. I happen to have sleep apnea and Kellie is a very sound sleeper. With me flopping all over the bed, I have no idea why she would ever agree to marry me. Oh, and I have a bad back too. So, we paid special attention to get nice quality king beds

3) It's brand new! So, Kellie is more picky regarding this but Nags Head is a little known for old momma's condo that was bought in the 70's and 80's. You may have a building full of condos and some may have been renovated and others may not have. There are no new, oceanfront condos available. When we purchased this one, the other options was the next newest oceanfront unit which was 10 years old. There is a story about this building and why it is new. Basically, the original building was like others (30 years old) but had a fire that burned the entire building to the ground around 3 years ago. (no one was hurt) It took 3 years to re-build and now, here is your only new (2016) oceanfront condo in Nags Head (Kill Devil Hills. )

2) Oceanfront corner condo view with - drum roll! Sunrise and sunset views from the dining room. How do you have sun rise and sunset views from the same location? I may need to have a disclaimer that it may only occur during the summer but I'm telling you. In the morning, we watch the sunrise from the dining room table and drink coffee. Later in the late afternoon, while eating dinner, I poked Kellie and laughed that we could see the sunset from the same table

1) The Stairs!!!! You won't appreciate the stairs until you have the stairs. So, Kellie has 3 fish that are better known as children. Between ages 8-15. They live in the pool. I like to surf. So, there is a beautiful back deck (not shown very well because we are buying nice wooden furniture which you will have before you visit. ) It's fun to sit or stand on the deck, look at the pool and the ocean and admire the view and ocean sounds. But what is awesome is the stairs. So, here are two different senerios that we have pondered while drinking drinks on the deck. Kellie has 3 children in the pool (5 foot deep max) One child is splashing the other child and has decided that it would be fun to antagonize her sister for a certain period of time. Here are the two senerios:

With stairs: calmly walk down the stairs and enter the pool gate. Walk to the older child and calmly correct her for her inapproiate behavior. The younger smiles and reassures you that everything is fine and they are just playing a game. You walk back up the stairs and continue to have drinks and snacks with your romantic soulmate and tell each other how much you love each other

Without stairs: you scream at your husband that your older daughter is splashing the younger. His options are to yell from the balcony and make a scene or journey to correct the children. So he calls for the elevator or rushes down the front stairs. While he is running, he realizes that he is not in quite as good of shape and makes a mental note that he needs to workout more. Finally, after a good 2 minutes, huffing and puffing to get to the pool - he finds both daughters fine and acting like angels. He looks up at his wife and and back down at the children. He tells the girls, pool time is up and time to go back into the condo upstairs. The children complain because they can't swim. The kids devise a plan to antagonize the adults in the condo so that you send them back to the pool. Rinse lather and repeat. While you are out at the pool, you realize that the only people in the pool are the 3 families that have stairs. You notice that the ones with stairs have smiles on their face with children in the pool

So here is your standard description:

Seven C's is a newly constructed luxurious oceanfront condo located at mile post 7. 2 in Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks. Why do we love this unit? We love the stairs!!! When we first looked at all the condos in the building, each one had it's own view and feel. Staying in the unit helped us understand the best feature. We have 3 children from ages of 8-15. One of us can be on the deck with snacks and drinks while the other is in the pool with the children. If someone needs something, it's a 5 second walk down the stairs to bring a towel or sunscreen. Want to leave to walk on the beach? Out the back door and down the stairs. 12 of the 15 units in the building do not have stairs. We definitely think the deck and stairs in the best feature of the unit, well, not to mention the oceanfront corner unit views. Now back to the boring description :-) This Seven C's unit is located on the 2nd level and accessible by elevator and private stairs. This two bedroom condo has king beds in each bedrooms and a pullout sleeper sofa in the main living area. Enjoy all the amenities of home with a fully equipped kitchen and dining table with seating for 6. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets from the dining room. This unit is one of only 3 units with private stairs for easy access to the pool and beach. Parking available with 1 deeded spot and 15 guest spots on first come basis

We offer Saturday to Saturday stays


  • Internet
  • Pool
  • Parking
  • A/C
  • Heating
  • Elevator
  • Accessible
  • TV
  • Laundry
  • Dishwasher


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