Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 27, 2015

At, we believe that you have the right to control all of the information and content that you share, post and submit on the site.

You are able to control who can see your profile (and all of the content posted on it) through the Privacy feature in your Account Settings. When you submit content that is viewable by anyone other than yourself, you are waiving any privacy expectations that you have. is a community built on trust, so we encourage you to use your real name on the site. Only your first name will be visible on your profile, though your full name will be made available to your Hosts, Trippers who stay with you and Trippers to whom you send Friend Requests. In turn, you will be given the full name of your Hosts, Trippers who stay with you and Trippers who send Friend Requests to you.

While we believe strongly in protecting your information and not sharing it with any third parties, we do reserve the right to transfer such information without consent to prevent an emergency, to help you if you are in a dangerous situation, to protect or enforce our rights, to protect or enforce the rights of a third party or in response to a court order or subpoena as otherwise required or permitted by law. Additionally, we may provide this personal information to third party service providers who help us maintain the Site and deliver data and services to you and other members.

We also use cookies to improve the performance of our advertising on other websites. Although you may not opt out of receiving online advertisements generally, you may control the collection of data on our site used for targeted advertising during your visits to other websites. To opt-out of data collection for targeted advertising on other sites, click here: Opt Out Now.

In the event that you delete your account and have not shared your content with other members who still have it in their accounts, we will likewise delete all of your information and content.

We promise to do our best to take good care of you, your information and everything you share on For more information, please refer to's Terms of Service.