What is Tripping.com?

Tripping.com is the world's largest search engine for vacation homes and short-term rentals. We offer over 2 million properties across 100,000 destinations worldwide, pulled together from top sites including HomeAway, VRBO, FlipKey, Wimdu, Housetrip, Interhome, Booking.com and more.

Who started Tripping.com?

Based in San Francisco, Tripping.com was founded by travel and tech veterans from Expedia, Travelzoo and StubHub. Our mission is to help you find the perfect place to stay on your next trip, from budget bungalows to lavish lofts and everything in between.

What types of accommodation can I find on Tripping.com?

Tripping.com gives you access to the widest selection of vacation and short-term rentals. Whether you want to stay in an apartment, condo, cabin, castle, boat, loft or house, you can find your dream vacation rental (at your dream price) on Tripping.com.

Can I book a rental on Tripping.com?

When you find a rental you like, we'll send you to our partner's site to book it. You'll receive a booking confirmation from our partner and they'll help you with anything you need for your stay. The only exception is ZenRentals, one of our partners that invites you to book properties directly on Tripping.com.

Can I list my home on Tripping.com?

You can list your home on any of our partner sites. To guarantee that your property listing will appear on Tripping.com, we highly recommend that you list it on either FlipKey, VRBO, HomeAway, PerfectPlaces, Vacation Home Rentals or ZenRentals.

Is Tripping.com free?

Yep - Tripping.com is 100% free.

Do you have a concierge service?

We offer a free concierge service for travelers. You're welcome to contact us directly at concierge@tripping.com and we'll do our best to find your dream vacation rental.