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General Tip

How to Read a Tripping Profile

Tripping isn't just about finding a place to stay - It's about making real connections with travelers and locals around the world. Taking the time to read profiles is the best way to learn about members and have positive experiences when you meet them.

Here are some tips we put together to help you learn how to read a Tripping profile and start connecting with the people who interest you.

What to look for in a Personal Description

It's always best to connect with members who have taken the time to fill out their profiles with detailed information about their background, lifestyle, interests and perspectives. After reading a descriptive profile, you'll have a better idea of a member's personality and be able to more accurately judge whether or not you'll enjoy spending time together.

It's always helpful to look for people with similar interests or backgrounds, but it can also be interesting to find members who are completely different from yourself. Just be sure that the differences have the potential to help you learn and grow. If a member writes something or expresses a particular view that just makes you upset, he or she probably isn't the right person for you to connect with.

What to look for in an About My House description

Trippers should always read this section thoroughly before sending a host request to a member. Make sure to look for important information about sleeping arrangements, house rules, and other details that may affect your stay.

How to Evaluate a Member's Rating

Anonymous Ratings are one of the most powerful tools to help you assess the reputability of a member. A good Rating is a strong indication that a member is trustworthy and safe to meet in-person. A low Rating means other members have had less than ideal experiences with that particular person, which is why we recommend you avoid connecting with members with low Ratings.

What to look for in References

References offer an important third-party perspective and give a vivid snapshot of what it might be like to meet a member in-person. References can help you make good decisions about who to connect with in the community, so take the time to read all of a member's References before meeting in-person.

For obvious reasons, references left by members who have met each other in-person offer more insight than References left by online acquaintances. Additionally, References from hosts or Trippers, as opposed to family and friends, can give you a better idea of how this member engages in hospitality exchange and the Tripping community.

Be extra cautious with members who have negative References. We have a trustworthy, respectful community, which means that if a member felt it was necessary to leave a negative References, it's probably something to which you should pay close attention.

Other things to pay attention to in profiles


If a picture says a thousand words, than a member's photo album could give you a novel's worth of information about his or her life. Looking at a member's photos can tell you a lot about his or her lifestyle and can help you more accurately imagine what it would be like to meet in-person.

Hosting Status

There are three hosting statuses available to our members - Yes, Maybe, and Not Now. It's important to note that members with a hosting status set to Maybe are still great potential hosts and are well worth reaching out to for travelers.

Additionally, members with a status set to Not Now are still engaged members of the community who love to answer questions about their hometown and culture or even meet up for drinks or coffee with locals and travelers alike.

Validation Status

Validation is a service we offer that allows members to confirm their identity and address through a face-to-face video chat with someone from the Tripping team. You can feel more confident meeting, hosting and staying with Validated Trippers because you know that they've confirmed their identity by showing us their passport and proof of address. To learn more about Validation, click here. Terms of Useclose
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