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Host Tip

How to Have a Safe and Rewarding Hosting Experience

The generosity of our hosts is what makes Tripping possible, and we want to do everything we can to help you have safe and rewarding experiences when hosting.

Here is some advice that we’ve put together to help you get the most out of your hosting experiences on Tripping.

Explore how you (and your housemates) want to host.

Before inviting travelers to stay in your home, take the time to figure out what you’re comfortable with as a host. If you have housemates, schedule a meeting to talk about what works best for everyone and make sure that you’re all in agreement.

This is the time to think about house rules for guests, who and when you’re willing to host and other important details that will help you and your household stay happy when the requests start arriving in your inbox.

For tips on how to make house rules, click here.

Learn how to read a Tripping profile and take the time to do it!

Carefully reading members’ profiles before accepting host requests is one of the most important things you can do to stay safe and have positive experiences on Tripping.

To learn exactly what to look for in a profile, click here.

Read your host requests carefully.

No host wants their home to be treated like a place to crash. That’s why it’s important to look for host requests where it’s evident that the member has taken the time to read your profile and send you a personalized message. Always sort out requests that look like a template and focus your energy on following up with requests that sound interesting to you.

Choose the right guests at the right times.

You’re never obligated to host, so only accept requests from members who:

  • Have good profiles and preferably have positive References, a good Rating and are Validated
  • Take the time to write a personalized request that shows they’ve taken the time to read your profile
  • Sound interesting to you
  • Are requesting to stay at a time that is convenient for you to host.

Don’t be shy to ask questions.

Getting to know members before you host them is important. If you have a question, don’t be shy to ask it. After all, members may be staying in your home - you have every right to ask them a few questions about their background or travel plans. If you feel like you’d like to learn more about a member, send him or her a few messages or set up a time to chat on the phone before accepting the request.

Let your housemates, neighbors or landlord know about your guests.

No guest wants to be greeted by an angry housemate or landlord after a long day of traveling. Always check with housemates before accepting a request and be sure to inform anyone else who needs to know that you’ll be hosting.

Make clear plans for meeting.

Always make clear, specific plans with your guests about when and where you will be meeting. Make sure they have your phone number, as unexpected delays happen when traveling.

Give your guest a tour of your home.

Making sure your expectations are clear at the beginning of a homestay is the best way to ensure both you and your guests have a positive experience. That’s why we recommend you give guests a quick tour of your house as soon as they arrive. Let them know what they’re welcome to use, what to be careful with and what you would like them to avoid using altogether.

Discuss your schedules.

Always take the time to briefly discuss schedules with your guests. It will help them better plan their excursions and prevent anyone from being inconvenienced or stranded.

Share your experience with the community.

After your guests leave, take the time to rate them and leave a Reference. You’ll help strengthen the community and build your reputation as a host on Tripping. Terms of Useclose
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