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Host Tip

4 Things Every Host Should Know Are A-OK To Do (Or Not Do)

This is your home and we want you to feel empowered to host in a way that keeps you happy, safe and engaged in the community. As seasoned hosts ourselves, we know that it can be difficult to assert limitations on your hospitality, but we want you to know that it’s completely okay to do it. In fact, we encourage you to because it allows you to have more positive hosting experiences with travelers and keeps you coming back for more.

So remember, as a host...

1. You can always ask your guests to be out of the house during certain times of the day.

This is your home, which means you have full control over who has access to it and at what times. Just let your guests know that they will need to be out of the house at certain time during the day before they arrive. Also, be sure to go over your schedule as soon as they arrive so that they can better plan their excursions.

2. You don't have to give your guests a key.

If you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t have to give your guests a key. As a tip, we recommend noting this in your profile so that it’s easier to bring it up with your guests once they arrive.

3. You can ask your guests to provide their own bedding.

Maybe you don’t have extra bedding or maybe you just don’t want extra laundry every time you host - either way, it’s completely acceptable to ask your guests to bring their own bedding. Some travelers might not have bedding, but that means they’re not the right match for you and your home. Just be sure to communicate this clearly in both your profile and in any responses to host requests.

4. You’re always welcome to accept only a portion of a host request.

It’s quite common to get a host request for the entire time a traveler will be in town. But usually travelers are only expecting you to host a few days and are happy even when you offer a single night. So before declining a host request because it seems like too long of a stay, offer just a few nights to see if it will work. Terms of Useclose
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