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    Studio City Foothills--room for rent

    Studio City


    <span>Furnished room in Studio City. Located near Coldwater and Ventura, south of the blvd. Great location.&nbsp; Centrally and conveniently located. Walking distance to Ventura blvd with its restaurants, cafes and shops.. Short ride to Hollywood and Universal Studios. Great hiking minutes away.&nbsp; Beautiful house with hardwood floors, and large yard with garden setting( lots of trees). Room is furnished with full sized bed, armoire for clothes, dresser, a desk, and television. Shared bathroom. Prefer someone pet friendly, two very sweet dogs.</span><br /><br /><span>If interested please tell a bit about yourself and the purpose of your stay.</span><br /><br /><span>Security deposit required upon arrival</span><br /><br />

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    • $43 / night0 bed / 0 bathLos Angeles, CA
      Warm Cozy Private Room
      <span>Our Craftsman house has 4 rooms with one bathroom and ample kitchen.</span><br /><span>This is a very family oriented home. Quiet all the time and very clean. Our guests should sleep comfortably in a very private environment. Computer, a 5 drawer dresser and roll-out bed located in the room (two beds). Also, guests have access to internet and our living room to watch TV. Light use of kitchen available.</span><br /><span>Our neighborhood is very pleasant and away from noise. We are close to LAX, USC, Staples Center, Los Angeles Coliseum and very close to Downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo, and The MoCA. Also, Santa Monica, Culver City and Beverly Hills are surrounding areas.</span><br /><span>Public transit is about two blocks of distance.</span><br /><span>You will enjoy staying in our house knowing that we are very family oriented, clean and honest. We love our quiet place and we like to keep it clean and cozy. Please make a note that we do have pets, a dog and a cat, but both are outdoor.</span><br /><span>Our place is unique since there is access to almost all the touristic places in Los Angeles.</span>
    • $64 / night0 bed / 0 bathLos Angeles, CA
      The Cozy Room
      <p><span><em>- 6 private rooms available. Different sizes different prices. <br /> - 2 rooms have a private en-suite bath. <br /> - 4 rooms share 3 bathrooms (1 full, 2 half).<br /> - All rooms have a Queen or Full bed (The Brady Bunch has 2 queens) (Extra twin mattresses or Airbeds can be added to each room to accommodate extra people.)<br /> <br /> ~Please read description below for details of house and each room~<br /><br /><br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</em> <strong>The Cozy 50s</strong><em><br /></em></span></p>
      <p><span>***Welcome to the Eagle's Eye House. Come and stay with us and enjoy the authentic Los Angeles experience of a large Mansion set in the beautiful quiet hills of Silver Lake. We are located in the heart of one of the top prestigious &amp; safe, yet creative and fun neighborhoods of L.A. Unlike staying at a hotel or Bed&amp;Breakfast, you will find lots of little extras here that will make your vacation or business trip much more pleasant &amp; exciting!</span><br /> <br /><span> The house is laid out over three floors and provides you with spectacular views of Los Angeles County. Located on a beautiful hill it feels as if you are soaring above the surrounding terrain with the amazing view of an eagle's eye! Lounge on the balcony long enough and you might catch a glimpse of one of the 12 species of Californian Hawks gliding below you.</span><br /> <br /> <br /><span> When first entering the house you are presented with a spacious airy entry piano room complete with a bar and beautiful white Grand Piano which leads onto a balcony that has fantastic views all the way from Downtown to the winter snow-topped Pasadena Mountains.</span><br /> <br /><span> Continue on into the house and you will find;</span><br /> <br /><span> *Large kitchen with Breakfast Bar.</span><br /><span> -Oven with gas range.</span><br /><span> -Dishwasher.</span><br /><span> -Microwave.</span><br /><span> -Toaster oven.</span><br /><span> -Blender.</span><br /><span> -Garden window with city views and fresh herb plants!</span><br /> <br /><span> *Large dining room with a large funky table.</span><br /><span> *Large Living room.</span><br /><span> *Surround adjoining couches.</span><br /><span> *Romantic dimming Chandelier Lights</span><br /><span> *Huge Flat Screen Monitor with sound system which connects to your laptop for movies, music, YouTube etc.</span><br /><span> *1 Full Bathroom and 2 half bathrooms (1 on each floor)</span><br /><span> *2 En-suite bathrooms</span><br /><span> *Wireless Internet</span><br /><span> *Washer &amp; Dryer</span><br /><span> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /><span> Some things you will never find in a hotel or guesthouse, but you have the privilege of during your stay are;</span><br /><span> * Complete access to the full kitchen area where you can cook your own delicious meal to save on eating out. The kitchen comes with all the kitchen-ware necessary to make a little snack for yourself or a feast for plenty. You are free to use anything from a wine bottle opener to the pots, pans, and baking trays. Everyone has a personal set of stylish color co-ordinated dishes, cups, and bowls, both in the kitchen and in your own room.</span><br /><span> * The large refrigerator is full house privileges.</span><br /><span> * Filtered water is provided in the mini sink spout.</span><br /><span> * BBQ grill in the front yard.</span><br /><span> *Fire Pit and patio chairs to the front of the house.</span><br /><span> *Driveway parking as well as plenty of non-restricted parking on the street. So yes there is plenty of space to park your car here!</span><br /><span> *You can even bring your pets on vacation with you because they are more than welcome here!</span><br /> <br /> <br /><span> *A friendly host that will help you with any questions you may have. </span><br /><span> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /> <br /><span><strong> There are 6 rooms available for rent here</strong>:</span><br /><span> There are also several pictures of most of the rooms above.</span><br /><span> .........................................................................................................................................</span><br /><br /><span><strong>The Cozy Room</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> This room provides a good sized closet, queen bed, dresser, computer desk, bedside table, lamps, power outlets, mini dining table, fridge, microwave, toaster oven and coffee facilities. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 3</em></span><br /> <br /><span> Room Dimension; 13x15ft.</span><br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /><span><strong>The Serenity Room</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> This room has a unique shape which allows all the usual amenities to be neatly arranged into a comfortable bedroom/living/kitchenette. This room provides a queen bamboo bed, nightstand &amp; lamp, dresser, chaise lounge, coffee table, microwave, toaster oven, and mini fridge. There is no window but there are two beautiful paintings of Monet you can gaze at and a fan to simulate an outdoor breeze. When you open the bedroom door there is a mini hall which leads to another door which prevents sound from leaking in. You are provided with the utmost serenity. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 2</em></span><br /> <br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /><span> <strong>The Fashionista Room</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> This room provides a large walk-in closet, queen bed, desk, nightstands, lamps, power outlets, mini dining table, fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and coffee facilities. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 4</em></span><br /> <br /><span> Room Dimensions; 15x18ft.</span><br /> <br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /><span><strong>The Honeymoon Suite</strong>:</span><br /><br /><span> One of the more popular with guests, The Honeymoon Suite boasts a private en-suite bathroom. There are two windows which allow you an airy room with views of the city. This room also provides the usual amenities including a queen bed, mirrored sliding closet doors, computer desk, dresser, nightstand, lamps, power outlets, fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and coffee facilities. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 3</em></span><br /> <br /><span> Room Dimensions; 13x21ft.</span><br /> <br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /><span><strong> The Brady Bunch Room</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> Our largest room here at Eagles Eye House, the Brady Bunch Room can comfortably host 6 people. This room boasts its own private balcony allowing you to enjoy your own personal sun-rise with your morning coffee as you lounge on the patio chairs and table set. Two queen beds, mini walk in closet, sofa, coffee table, computer desk, nightstands w/ lamps, mini fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and coffee facilities. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 6</em></span><br /> <br /><span> Room Dimensions;</span><br /><br /><span>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /></span><br /><span> <strong>The Nature's Grand Royal Suite</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> Our most prestigious room and another of Eagles Eye's most popular is the Grand Nature's Retreat. It is Nature themed with beautiful natural furniture and items made from either wood or bamboo and several other items that resemble nature such as canvas art of a lake and some decorative plants. In addition to being one of the largest rooms, the Nature's Retreat also provides a nature-themed private en-suite bath. You can enjoy the amazing views of the city as well as the winter snow-topped Pasadena mountains through the double windows located beside the dining table. It includes a queen bed which features a memory foam mattress, huge walk-in closet, dining table (perfect for romantic candle-lit dinners), desk, bedside tables &amp; lamps, fridge, toaster oven, microwave and coffee facilities. Fresh towels and linens are provided.</span><br /><span> ~~<em>Max guests: 6</em></span><br /> <br /><span> Room Dimensions;</span><br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /> <br /><span> *Extra beds are available for each room. We have available; 2 twin mattresses, 2 high-rise twin Airbeds, 1 (5-in-1) Full Airbed which turns into a couch and a Queen Airbed.</span><br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /><span> ***DISCOUNTS!***</span><br /><span> Discounts will be returned to you upon your arrival.</span><br /> <br /><span> ---MONTHLY or BI/TRI-WEEKLY Rentals;</span><br /><span> *Two Room Booking Discount - $60</span><br /><span> *Three Room Booking Discount - $80</span><br /><span> *Four Room Booking Discount - $100</span><br /><span> *Five Room Booking Discount - $120</span><br /><span> *Six Room Booking Discount - $140</span><br /> <br /><span> ---WEEKLY Rentals;</span><br /><span> *Two Room Booking Discount - $35</span><br /><span> *Three Room Booking Discount &acirc;€“$45</span><br /><span> *Four Room Booking Discount - $55</span><br /><span> *Five Room Booking Discount - $65</span><br /><span> *Six Room Booking Discount - $75</span><br /> <br /><span> ---DAILY Rentals;</span><br /><span> *Two Room Booking Discount - $20</span><br /><span> *Three Room Booking Discount &acirc;€“$30</span><br /><span> *Four Room Booking Discount - $35</span><br /><span> *Five Room Booking Discount - $45</span><br /><span> *Six Room Booking Discount - $55</span><br /> <br /><span> ---1 Day Bookings Only;</span><br /><span> *Two Room Booking Discount - $15</span><br /><span> *Three Room Booking Discount &acirc;€“$20</span><br /><span> *Four Room Booking Discount - $25</span><br /><span> *Five Room Booking Discount - $30</span><br /><span> *Six Room Booking Discount - $35</span><br /> <br /><span> These discounts are non-negotiable.</span><br /><span> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</span><br /><span> In case you don'€™t feel like wandering too far away from the comfort of your own haven, a little set up in the hallway just a few steps from your door has been provided for you. On the elegant console table you will find complimentary tea, coffee, snacks, a mini electric water heater (boils water in 2 minutes), and a GT Express 101 (quickly makes omelettes, breakfast burritos, a steak &amp; cheese scramble, etc. Website with several recipes will be provided).</span><br /> <br /><span> ***For our guests we are happy to provide at your own request several breakfast items such as fresh Eggs, Orange Juice, Milk, Bread, Bagels &amp; Cream Cheese, and Eggo-style waffles which can be found in the guest's mini Refrigerator in the kitchen. You will also find several extras like butter, jelly, and condiments (mayo, ketchup, dressings, etc) as well as the large variety of cooking spices right by the stove. One day you might even be lucky enough when I cook breakfast for the house!***</span><br /> <br /><span> Instead of harsh bar soaps and low-quality shampoos, a dispenser containing truly natural organic shampoo, body wash, and conditioner, that is not only Eco-friendly but kind to your hair and skin as well, has been placed on each shower wall.</span><br /> <br /><span> ....................................................................................................................................</span><br /> <br /> <br /><span> <strong>SURROUNDING AREA</strong>:</span><br /> <br /><span> --The Eagle's Eye House is located directly next to the beautiful Silverlake Reservoir. There is a biking/jogging path that runs alongside it as well as a famous dog park and basketball courts.</span><br /> <br /><span> --Several cute coffee shops, eateries and the local Silverlake venues for entertainment.</span><br /> <br /><span> --The Red Lion &amp; Cha Cha lounge are at a 5 minute walking distance.</span><br /> <br /><span> --Here in Silverlake there has been a really big movement of young active artists/musicians in the past couple years as well as next door in Echo Park. This is a really creative community.</span><br /> <br /><span> --Griffith Park is approx 5-10 minutes away for those who like to hike, play tennis/soccer/basketball/golf, go swimming, ride horses-or ponies for the little ones, ride the merry-go-round, or just relax and have a weekend picnic or BBQ.</span><br /> <br /><span> --The L.A. Zoo is located right beside Griffith Park with a Museum across from the Zoo.</span><br /> <br /><span> --The L.A. river is about 5 minutes away where you can also find a bike/jogging trail and a pretty entrance with nature and benches to take a stroll and relax.</span><br /> <br /><span> -Within 7 minutes you will find the hip, quirky neighborhood of Sunset Junction. Here you will find funky shops, cafes, and yummy restaurants.</span><br /> <br /><span> --Tuesday and Saturday Farmers Market.</span><br /> <br /><span> -- Upcoming Sunset Junction Festival!</span><br /> <br /><span> --*Hollywood* is about 7 mins away.</span><br /> <br /><span> The house is also extremely close to the local stores- They are right behind the house on the adjacent street- You can see them from the balcony and windows;</span><br /> <br /><span> *Ralphs.</span><br /><span> *CVS.</span><br /><span> *Starbucks.</span><br /> <br /><span> *Brand new library.</span><br /><span> *Banks.</span><br /><span> *Coin Laundry .</span><br /> <br /><span> *Trader Joes within 6 mins right by a really good/really low priced manicure/waxing salon!</span><br /> <br /><span> *Close to the 5, 2 and 101 freeways for easy access around the city.</span><br /> <br /><span> * 3 Metro bus lines ( 5 minutes walking distance)</span><br /> <br /><span> ** <strong>Bicycle Rentals</strong>: 2 available </span><br /><span> A lot of people all over L.A. have either decided to save on gas money, join group rides, become more eco-friendly, or use them to exercise, so the roads have also become more rider friendly and safe. All buses have a bike rack which will hold your bike.</span><br /> <br /><span> Bike Rental Prices Per Bike:</span><br /><span> *Daily $10</span><br /><span> *Weekly $50</span><br /><span> *Bi/Tri Weekly $60</span><br /><span> *Monthly $80</span><br /><span> There is a $150 deposit required to cover any damages/repairs. This will be returned in full on return of the bike providing no damage has occurred during the rental.</span><br /> <br /><span> ~*~ <em>I can assure you that you will find the most peaceful comfort and privacy during your stay here</em> ~*~ </span></p>
    • $50 / night0 bed / 0 bathLos Angeles, CA
      Art Deco Guestroom/Beverly Hills
      Special Introductory Offer!!! My (gorgeous) Beverly Hills-adjacent Art Deco home, located in a very quiet residential neighborhood, will be your home for the duration of your stay. Live in the heart of the city while enjoying the quiet and comfort of a suburban residential neighborhood. No apartments and plenty of parking. No parking permits!

      The guestroom is your sanctuary with a brand-new, incredibly-comfortable Queen-size bed. Enjoy TV, DVD, 15 mps high-speed wireless Internet. The (shared) bathroom is right next door and features a shower large enough to accommodate two and separate bathtub. Enjoy full kitchen access with a lovely Art Deco breakfast nook. Espressos, lattes, juicer, etc. and a blender for smoothies and/or Margaritas. Forget Starbucks and Jamba Juice. Lovely formal dining room and a designer living room features a fireplace, view of downtown, and 55-inch LED/LCD surround-sound, multimedia home theater. Do you prefer your martini shaken or stirred? A brand-new steam-cleaning washer/drier is available. Clothes all crumpled from traveling? The drier has a quick steam refresh feature. No ironing! Beautifully landscaped back yard for lounging, drinking, dining, even entertaining.

      I live two minutes south of BEVERLY HILLS just off the ultra-chic, celebrity-filled Robertson Blvd (much more hip than Rodeo Drive, but close to there too if you like), CENTURY CITY, WEST HOLLYWOOD and (if you prefer locals to tourists) the newly-refurbished CULVER CITY filled with European-style sidewalk bars, restaurants, multiplex movie theater, and the intimate (Art Deco) Kirk Douglas Theater if you prefer drama. Have a drink in the historic Culver Hotel where the Munchkins slept and notoriously partied (hard) every night while filming The Wizard of Oz. (Ruby slippers optional.) You are 15 minutes, but usually less, from everywhere else whether it be the AIRPORT (want me to pick you up?), DOWNTOWN, WESTWOOD (UCLA), HOLLYWOOD, VENICE, or SANTA MONICA. Virtually all of LA's many museums and attractions are within easy reach.

      My "Pico/Roberson" neighborhood is quiet, classy, eclectic and ethnically-diverse with small, intimate restaurants ranging from Thai to Vietnamese, Chinese (including Liz Taylor's favorite), Sushi, countless Kosher restaurants (including LA's first delicatessen), Kosher Mexican if you can believe that, authentic Mexican (duh!), French, Lebanese, bakeries galore, and even a hand-made ice cream and candy store. All are within walking distance. Elat, an unbelievable, multi-ethnic Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean supermarket is just up my street on Pico. (Great website!) Trader Joe's is five minutes away as is a more traditional Von's supermarket. Every Thursday, we have a terrific neighborhood Farmer's Market just a few blocks away featuring locally-grown produce.

      A historically Jewish neighborhood (now ethnically diverse), countless synagogues are within walking distance, but so is St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church. And an Egyptian Coptic Church is right next door to an Indian Sikh Temple just a few blocks from my house. Talk about eclectic!

      On the other side of Robertson is La Cienega's "Restaurant Row." Dining/theater options are limitless. Within minutes, you are cruising the historic Fairfax District: Little Ethiopia, Farmers Market, and The Grove's Shopping/Dining/Theater Complex. Cantor's Deli! How about The Laugh Factory or The Comedy Store on the SUNSET STRIP? I am in the center of it all and for the most part you can avoid LA's notorious traffic by sticking to surface streets or rapid transit.

      I am one short block from a major bus line and minutes from LA's new rapid transit rail system. Subways in LA? Who knew? An inexpensive "unlimited" day pass whisks you to USC and Exposition Park, Downtown, Hollywood, both the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, Long Beach (The Queen Mary) and all parts in between. Don't miss the Watts Towers! Link to Central Station, another of LA's many magnificent Art Deco palaces, and catch a train to San Diego (short walk to Mexico), San Francisco, or even Portland and Seattle.

      Or forget rapid transit and LA traffic entirely! Bring (or rent) a bicycle! I am one mile from the Ballona Creek bike path which carries you straight to Marina del Rey's beach bike paths south through the quaint coastal cities of Hermosa and Redondo Beach to the Palos Verdes Peninsula (and light house), or north through Venice and Santa Monica all the way to Pacific Palisades. Return to the Ballona Wetlands and allow the afternoon ocean breeze to push you all the way home. LA Fitness' premier workout facility (including large swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi) is four short blocks away.
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