Miami Beach

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    About Miami

    Miami, Florida is one of the most populous cities in the US due to its climate and all around vibrancy. Sandwiched between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami has countless gems to offer to its residents and visitors alike. It's a capitol of commerce, culture, and entertainment, but despite the bustle, it is an extraordinarily clean city. The fresh air blows through the city and its beaches, stirring excitement and drawing in both tourists with their families and college students with their friends looking for a hot vacation spot.

    Things to Do in Miami

    To orient yourself in the city, first hop on a boat tour of the city and surrounding beaches, or go on a tour of the Everglades to engage with wildlife. Miami has great beaches up and down the coast, including some novelties such as the Star Island. Miami Beach is the most popular spot to snag some towel space. The Port of Miami is a major cruise port, so for a luxury side trip, look there. South Beach is the place for shopping and epic nightlife activities. Bringing the kids along? Miami Zoo and the Seaquarium are two attractions that will make them go crazy, without driving you crazy.

    Miami Accommodations

    Whether you came to Miami for beaches or the city, we have you covered. Find apartments and condos in the heart of the city. Or book a vacation rental in Miami Beach if you want something right on the water (though you can find beachfront properties anywhere on the coast). If you're there with a family of five, or even just a romantic getaway with your hubby, our vacation rentals in Miami will accommodate your every wish and desire.

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