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Basic Information
  • Room Type:Private Room
  • Bedrooms:1
  • Bathrooms:1
  • Max Guests:3
  • Min Stay:3
  • Pets Allowed:No
  • suitable for events
  • refrigerator / freezer
  • heating
  • internet
  • kitchen
  • shower/bath
  • washing machine
  • wifi (wireless lan)
    FROM: $32 $223 $953

    Istiklal Avenue,Sadri Alisik Street



    Best place for young people. A room for you, right at center of istanbul.
    Many people stayed here before, so now i'm looking for new ones..
    It's probably the best location in whole website.
    Istiklal Avenue, Sadri Alışık street, its very central.
    The flat is right at Center of Taksim. Which is close to anywhere you'd like to visit.
    In my opinion for young people or whoever feels young its the best option.
    Listing is for Bedroom and of course you'll also use common areas too …
    Here we have a building full of young people. You'll have your own room inside it.
    And one more thing, you'll be able to learn many places from an architect (me).You can have great time in here.
    By the way, Taksim, is not a good place for the families with little children. Its more popular for young people and adults.
    See you soon …

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    • €15 / night1 bed / 1 bathKüçükbakkalköy, TR
      Dear Sir/Madam;

      My House is in ATASEHIR.Atasehir is a great location in anatolian side of Istanbul.In this location,there are many shopping centers, pubs and restaurants.To be honest,this location is not close to europian side but you can go only one bus to Taksim, Kadıköy and Üsküdar.The building was constructed with earhtquake resistance and decoration is classic style.Also i have a kitchen,saloon,one bathroom(shared) and two balconies.

      You can go to Taksim only one public bus and it takes 45 minutes.

      About Room;

      -24 hour hot water

      -unlimited internet access

      -Real beds

      -Earthqueke resistance

      -Washing Machine*



      -LCD TV (In living room)

      -Free Istanbul Card (For using public transportation)

      My house is close to this places;

      -Sabiha Gökçen Airport

      -Yeditepe Univercity

      -Marmara Univercity(Göztepe Campus)

      -Dogus Univercity


      -Palladium,Carrefour,Migros,Optimum,Metro AG shopping centers.

      *Dear guests, to give you best service in a good price,We need your help.If you want to use waching machine, you can use free or pay.In free, your clothes,guest's and my clothes are collected in a laundry basket and all of them washed together.If you want to use machine only for your clothes , i need 5$ for energy-water-detergant comsumption.

      Coution:There is a cat in my home and she sleeps with me so, if you don't like cats or if you have medical alergy to cat's fur, please pay attention to this situation.

    • $28 / night0 bed / 0 bathIstanbul, TR
      Old Euro-Istanbul - Cauple's Room!
      <p><span>My home (one of the historical Jewish wooden houses) has four floors:</span></p>
      <p><span>1- Ground floor which has a dining room and kitchen.</span></p>
      <p><span>2-**(for rent) first floor which has only one private room (with queen bed, sofa, table and shelf) and a shared bathroom outside the room + one huge sofa as bed for 1 extra person. (tell us in advance to prepare it)(attached photos are the photos of this room)</span></p>
      <p><span>3--**(for rent) second floor which has also only one private room (with two single beds, sofa, table and shelf) and one small kitchen sink and a toilet outside the room.</span></p>
      <p><span>4-Third floor which is already occupied with me and my wife.</span></p>
      <p><span>*Each floor has only one room. Which I think it could be considered as private:) the first and second floor (which means two rooms totally for 4 person) is available. We have one big sofa at double bed for 1 extra person.</span></p>
      <p><span>**this page is only related to the room with one Queen Bed and one big sofa.</span></p>
      <p><span>This house is quiet and peaceful and also bright &amp; sunny. We don&rsquo;t have cooling system but since we have golden horn view we always have air circulation by opening the windows!</span></p>
      <p><span>If you reach here with your car there is a free space besides the street for parking. It has a beautiful view of city and the sea from the corridor.</span></p>
      <p><span>Since we don't wear shoes at home, it would be good if you bring your slippers with you :)</span></p>
      <p><span>See you soon!</span></p>
      <p><span>House facilities that you can use:</span></p>
      <p><span>1- Kitchen with dishes, Stove, Electric Water Boiler, Dish Washer, Refrigerator. No food included!</span></p>
      <p><span>2-Fire place in dining room.</span></p>
      <p><span>3-some books and backgammon</span></p>
      <p><span>4-hot shower and hair dryer. No shampoo no towel included!</span></p>
      <p><span>5-Wi-Fi unlimited internet.</span></p>
      <p><span>6-Natural Gas heater.</span></p>
      <p><span>7-Bed sheets, pillow and blanket.</span></p>
      <p><span>8-Washing Machine for cloths, 5euro per usage.</span></p>
      <p><span>*STRICT RULES:</span></p>
      <p><span>1-We couldn't accept guests without giving us copy of first and visa page of passport</span></p>
      <p><span>2-RESPECT THE NEIGHBOURS.</span></p>
      <p><span>3-BE CLEAN.</span></p>
      <p><span>4-KEEP THE ENTERANCE DOOR LOCKED</span></p>
      <p><span>5-PUT DIRTY DISHES IN DISH WASHER.</span></p>
      <p><span>6-Washing Machine for cloths 5euro per usage.</span></p>
      <p><span>7- No shoes inside.</span></p>
      <p><span>8- The guests who stay just for one night, please bring your own sheet with you.</span></p>
      <p><span>1-From Sabiha Gokcen Airport (47.1 km) take a shuttle bus to TAKSIM sq. and then ask for the bus station which bus 55 T to Fener is available! Ask bus driver to drop you at Balat near the Bulgarian Church (in photos you can see it)</span></p>
      <p><span>2-From Atat&uuml;rk International Airport (15.9 km), take train to aksaray (buy Istabul Card 10 lira which includes 4 lira charge equal to two tickets and you can reload it later and use any public transport such as ferry and bus and train later), from Aksaray take taxi to Balat! (arround 12 turkish lira for taxi)</span></p>
      <p><span>Nearby Places By Walikng:</span></p>
      <p><span>2 to 10 minutes walking to:</span></p>
      <p><span>Bus Station and Reload Istanbul Card Stole (2mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Iron cast Bulgarian Church (you can see it from corridor window) (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Two chain Super Markets with fixed price (DIA%SA and BIM) we have discount card for shopping at DIAsa (2mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Post Office (Ptt) (2mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Fethiye Museum (see Pammakaristos Church 650 m, 10 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Phanar Greek Orthodox College, Istanbul, Turkey (270 m, 4 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Ecumenical Patriarchate (290 m, 4 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Two Alcoholic Drink Selling shops and two Turkish style Bars (Meyhaneh)</span></p>
      <p><span>Garanti Bank with 24 hours international ATM with Euro cash exchange. (2mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Several Pharmacies (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Clinic and Hospital (private and Government) (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Fruit and Veg shops + mini markets (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Turkish Caf&eacute; (kahvehane) (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Turkish bath (for male only) (1mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Weekly local street bazar 0ne on Tuesday (cheap veg fruits and goods) (5mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Cheap Meat and Chicken Suppliers (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Several bakeries (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Park and fish restaurants beside Golden Horn (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Several Local restaurants. (3mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque (950 m, 11 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Church of St. Mary of the Mongols (400 m, 4 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Ahrida Synagogue of Istanbul (400 m, 5 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Palace of the Porphyrogenitus (900 m, 10 mins.)</span></p>
      <p><span>15 to 35 minutes walking to:</span></p>
      <p><span>EMINONU/Spice Bazar. (2.4 km 25 mins walking, 5 mins by bus)</span></p>
      <p><span>TAKSIM SQ. İstiklal Avenue (3.0 km, 35 mins walking, 10mins by bus)</span></p>
      <p><span>Historical Grave Yard (2.2 km, 30 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>Ayvansaray Ferry Station (It goes to Uskudar, Karakoy, Eminonu, Kasimpasa, Haskoy, Ayvansaray, Eyup. 1.3 km, 18 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>Local Main weekly Street Bazar on Wednesday (veg fruits and goods 15 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Rezan Has Museum (1.4 km, 19 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>Turkish Bath (hammam for male and female 20 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Column of Marcian, (2.2 km, 28 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Chora Church, (1.2 km, 18 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>Fatih Mosque (1.6 km, 21 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>Fenari Isa Mosque (Theotokos tou Libos, 1.9 km, 24 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Suleymaniye Mosque (2.2 km, 29 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>35 to 55 minutes walking to:</span></p>
      <p><span>Sultan Ahmet (4.1 km, 52 mins walking, 12 mins by bus)</span></p>
      <p><span>Pierre Loti Caf&eacute; 3.4 km, 44 mins walking 5 mins bus (Whole City and Golden Horn View and Historical)</span></p>
      <p><span>Hagia Sophia (4.0 km, 50 mins walking, 11 mins by bus)</span></p>
      <p><span>Beyazıt (3.1 km, 40 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Istanbul Archaeology Museums (4.2 km, 55 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Galata Tower (2.9 km, 39 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (3.3 km, 44 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Galata Mevlevihanesi (Galata Convent of the Whirling Dervishes 2.9 km, 38 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Doğan&ccedil;ay Museum (3.7 km, 49 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum (3.9 km, 51 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>Column of the Goths (Gotlar S&uuml;tunu) 4.4 km, 57 mins walking, 6.0 km, 13 mins by transport)</span></p>
      <p><span>Kabatas Iskelesi, Beyoğlu Ferry station to other cities like Bursa (5.1 km, 12 mins by taxi)</span></p>
      <p><span>Topkapi Palace (3.7 km, 48 mins walking, 10 mins by bus)</span></p>
      <p><span>Galatasaray Museum (3.8 km, 50 mins walking)</span></p>
      <p><span>The Museum of Innocence / Masumiyet M&uuml;zesi, &Ccedil;ukur Cuma Caddesi, Istanbul (3.5 km, 47 mins)</span></p>
      <p><span>*** Distances are given by GOOGLE MAP</span></p>
      <p><span>EXTRA USEFULL INFORMATION.</span></p>
      <p><span>Balat is one of the historical neighborhoods of Istanbul on the Historical Peninsula. In its history, Balat is known to be a Jewish quarter dating back to the Byzantine period. During the 1960s, the industrialization around Golden Horn effected this neighborhood by changing it into a settlement for low-income people in general. Between 1984 and 1987, the Mayor of Istanbul Bedrettin Dalan tried to work on some programs for major demolishment and ended up ruining many 18th century stone buildings. Fortunately there are some restoration and renewal programs going for this neighborhood since 1990's.</span></p>
      <p><span>Located on the European side of Istanbul, in the old city on the historic peninsula and on the western bank of the Golden Horn (also known as Hali&ccedil;), Balat is a historical quarter in the Fatih district of Istanbul.</span></p>
      <p><span>Getting here</span></p>
      <p><span>The city buses lines that goes through Balat are; 44B, 36CE, 399B, 99, 399D, 399C, 55T and 99A.</span></p>
      <p><span>Taking a taxi from Taksim will be easy and affordable.</span></p>
      <p><span>You can also take a boat to Emin&ouml;n&uuml; and either walk from there to Balat or take the bus.</span></p>
      <p><span>Getting around</span></p>
      <p><span>Balat can be covered by walking. It's also a biking friendly place. There's a nice sidewalk by the water where you can enjoy the beauty of Golden Horn at the same time.</span></p>
      <p><span>Check out the old Greek and Jewish houses. (we are already living in one of them)</span></p>
      <p><span>There are interesting mosques that are worth to see in this neighbourhood. Balat Mosque (Ferruh Keth&uuml;da Camii) is located in Molla Aşkı Mahallesi, Mahkemealtı Caddesi of Balat. Balat İskele Mosque (Yusuf Ş&uuml;caeddin Camii) is located in Karabaş Mahallesi. Draman Mosque is on the famous Draman hill in Balat.</span></p>
      <p><span>Balatkapı İoannes Prodromos Metokhion Church has a history dating back to 14th century.</span></p>
      <p><span>Balatkapı Panagia Balinou Church is located on Mahkemealtı Caddesi, between Balat and Ayvansaray neighbourhoods along the Golden Horn.</span></p>
      <p><span>Balatkapı Taksiarkhes Church is on Ayan Caddesi and its history dates back to 16th century.</span></p>
      <p><span>Surp Hreşdogabed Church was first built as a Greek Orthodox Church and later Armenians took the control of it and renovated it.</span></p>
      <p><span>Aghia Strati Church is located in Kasım G&uuml;nani quarter and has a history dating back to 17th century.</span></p>
      <p><span>Sveti Stefan Church (Steel Church) was constructed in Vienna in the 19th century and then its pieces were setup here in Istanbul. Sveti means Saint in Bulgarian.</span></p>
      <p><span>Kasturya Synagogue is located on the intersection point of P&uuml;sk&uuml;ll&uuml; and K&uuml;rk&ccedil;&uuml; &Ccedil;eşme streets and was openned in 1453.</span></p>
      <p><span>İstipol (Estipol) Synagogue was built by the Jews who migrated from Macedonia's İstipol distrcit.</span></p>
      <p><span>Pol Yaşan Synagogue was built by the Byzantines.</span></p>
      <p><span>The other synagogues that are worth visiting in Balat are; Geruş Synagogue, Sığrı (Sigiri) Synagogue, Kal Kadoş Eliyahu Synagogue, Yanbol Synagogue, Veria Synagogue, &Ccedil;ana Synagogue and Hevra Synagogue.</span></p>
      <p><span>Jewish cemetery is a peaceful place which might be interesting to see.</span></p>
      <p><span>Tahta Minare Bath, Sultan Bath and Balat Bath are Istanbul's oldest baths.</span></p>
      <p><span>There's a fountain next to Tahta Minare Bath which was constructed by Ottoman Empire Kanuni Sultan S&uuml;leyman.</span></p>
      <p><span>Explore the park and the back streets of this old neighborhood where you can find historical and interesting buildings. If you are interested in history or photography, Balat is a great place for that.</span></p>
      <p><span>Argos Restaurant is located on M&uuml;rsel Paşa Caddesi, No: 101 in Balat. It's offering the delicious tastes of Aegean cuisine and can be reached via phone numbers</span></p>
      <p><span>Cibalikapı Balık&ccedil;ısı is a historical seafood restaurant serving tasty fish dishes as well as appetizers. It's located on Abd&uuml;lezel Paşa Caddesi, No: 7 and can be reached via phone number</span></p>
      <p><span>There are also boats by the Golden Horn offering fish and bread for affordable prices.</span></p>
      <p><span>Balat Agora Meyhanesi is a historical dive bar and restaurant with a history over 100 years. It's located on Leblebiciler Sokak, No: 8 and can be called at xxxxxxxxx</span></p>
      <p><span>You can find non-alcholic drinks at Balat Spor Tesisi which is located in Akşemsettin Park and its phone number is xxxxxxxxxxx</span></p>
      <p><span>Balat is a safe neighbourhood but in case of emergency you can call 155 or reach the police station of Balat at xxxxxxxxxxxxx</span></p>
      <p><span>Stay Healthy</span></p>
      <p><span>Balat Or-Ahayim Hospital (Light of Life) is a private hospital located in Balat. Or-ahayım means &ldquo;Light of Life&rdquo; and the hospital was founded as a small home clinic with the contributions of idealist physicians and philanthropists, with the mandate of Sultan Abdulhamid II during the Ottoman period. For further information you can call the hospital at xxxxxxxxxxx</span></p>
    • $28 / night0 bed / 0 bathIstanbul, TR
      Cosy Retro-style Room in Istanbul
      <br /><span>In really nice and safe apartment, a cosy room with a double bed, TV, wi-fi, a lot of books - some of them are English- :)</span>
      <p><span>The room is the largest and brighest of the flat and the floor is with lagging. The room is decorated with retro-sytle wardrobe, -it is used to be owned by grandfather, and radio from grandmother. The radio unfortunately does not work. Don't forget the large desk and confortable chair, might be useful if you are freelancer or come to Istanbul for work.</span></p>
      <p><span>Kitchen is large according to a this type of flat and fully-equipped including even an automatic patato cutter :) We have a fridge and owen that you may use anytime you need.</span></p>
      <p><span>Bathroom is clean and has hot water 24/7. We have washing machine for free and hanging for your laundry.</span></p>
      <p><span>Neighborhood is called Mecidiyekoy, Sisli. You can find all basics nearby. We have plenty of grossmarket, greengrocer, small shops, etc. answering from really budget to luxury.</span></p>
      <p><span>You will probably want to Taksim or Old City, Sultanahmet. So easy! For Old city, there is a direct bus infront of the flat. And for Taksim, after 10 min walk, you can take the metro, only two station away.</span></p>
      <p><span>From airport, after you take to airport shuttle to Taksim, you can arrive home by metro or by taxi. -only 10 TL from Taksim square to home.</span></p>
      <p><span>Feel free to contact with me! I can answer all your questions :)</span></p>
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